Date: 18th April 2013 at 3:33am
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De Gea – Showed how far he’s come in terms of dealing with physical strikers. Took a donkey to the face and still got up straight away. 7

Rafael – All over the place at the back. Didn’t offer much going forward either. 5

Vidic – Started really badly and could be blamed for the first. Grew into the game and made some amazing clearance-headers. 7

Ferdinand – Played some fantastic football at times and did really well to ensure we didn’t concede a late third after some brilliant covering. 7

Evra – Hapless to defend against Carroll for the first. Never really got going overall. 5

Valencia – Disappointing game overall but showed some flashes of his old self. Grabbed his first of the season too. 5

Carrick – Not impressed with Michael today. Lost the ball easily at times and didn’t dictate the game at all. 5

Jones – I like Phil but today was a good example of why he shouldn’t play in central midfield. Just not good enough as a creative outlet. Invisible all game. 4

Rooney –

Kagawa – That’s more like it from Shinji. Grabbed both assists and was easily our best player. Expect to see much more of him next season now. 8

Van Persie – Poor yet again but managed to grab our equaliser. Always said a world class player is someone who’s able to still create something out of nothing when having a bad day. 5


Giggs: Something really wrong with bringing on a 39 year old every time we’re struggling. 5

Hernandez – Nearly scored the winner. 5

Note: You’re probably wondering why I’ve left Rooney’s rating empty, and no I haven’t forgotten to write it. Whenever I post my feelings on Wayne, I get a fair amount of abuse for it. Thats why I’m gonna leave it empty for you guys to do ratings in the comment section down below.

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12 responses to “Player Ratings: United Against West Ham”

  1. Ez says:

    Rooney 4. poor, falling, doesn’t tackle, loses possession!
    He looked uninterested… What’s wrong with him?! Get Falcao to give him competition.
    And Why we playing Giggs!!!?????

    • chrisaus88 says:

      Because he dropped about 4 beautiful crosses on the edge of the 6 yard box. Open your eyes.

  2. RedHanams says:

    Near perfect rating…I think Vidic performed a bit better than Rio though. Agree on the full backs assessment. Rooney was really poor in the game, although you could say same for RvP but for his goal. Our strikers really need to step it up. Kagawa was really a dancing angel on the pitch, this lad would be awesome next season. 20 is coming!

  3. Dean says:

    El Blanco Pele…my giddy arse

  4. redman says:

    rooney played well a good midfielder who creates chances and you will know why.

    • Nashat Hassan says:

      I’m not entirely sure if you’re being serious or not. Rooney played well?

  5. bigphil2003 says:

    Rooney – packyourbags/10

  6. @thedarkconrises says:

    I’d probably be a little more critical of Rafael because of the way he was all over the place for their first goal. He did make a pretty good tackle to stop one of their second-half counterattacks however, so for me he’d still come out with a 4/10.

  7. haypompay says:

    Rooney his one of d best player we ever have he can create nd dictate a game.Y re u accusin him,he even perform more dan valencia nd d rest.Wen he was removed there is no more treat in d front.Buy a good creative winger nd see d best of rooney

  8. Mwai says:

    Rooney was awful.He lost the ball and failed to track it back which resulted in the first goal.He let Diame too easily for the 2nd goal.Carrick gave the ball away recklessly.Rafael was slow and never bothered when they used his side to create the first goal.

  9. dessie says:

    you assessment of carrick’s performance is inaccurate.

    watch the game again, some of his passing was excellent and he kept our play ticking over nicely. he rarely lost the ball and he played two excellent passes which started the attack for both our goals. his best performance? no, but still a good one all the same, only vidic and Kagawa out performed him.

  10. Dean says:

    Rooney can’t get around the pitch anymore. He’s never been able to beat a man either…he’s past it! Sell him while he’s still worth a few quid and give Kagawa a run of 5 games behind RVP.