Date:10th April 2013 at 4:25am
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De Gea – Left hapless with the two goals, one being a deflected strike and the other being from point blank. He did distribute the ball well both with his feet and his hands. Little else to do though. 6

Rafael – Easily the worst player of the first half with him taking various poor touches and making some shocking decisions when in the opposition half. Just whip the ball in for goodness sake! 4

Rio – One of the few players to leave the game with some pride. Won a few good headers and cleared a few crosses as well. Nearly always in the right possession when need be. A real captain’s performance. 8

Jones – A surprise start at the back but came away with some much deserved praise. Strong in the tackle, relatively comfortable on the ball and great in the air, his performance was that which we can look at as the real positive from an otherwise dire night. 8 ( MOTM )

Evra – Seemed to do well enough when taking on players but didn’t stretch the game as he usual does, nor did he whip in any decent crosses with them either hitting the first man or being blocked. 5

Young – A really bad performance capped off with yet another injury for the Englishman. Questions are really beginning to be asked of the man after a series of weak displays. 3

Giggs – Mad that he started initially but the fact that he last 90 minutes playing the way he did was astonishing. He had a good pass here and there but that was surrounded by a lot of poor football such as him losing the ball for the City goal. 4

Carrick – He’s become so good now that I’m actually starting to feel sorry for him because I’m left to wonder just how great he would be had he actually played consistently this season with a midfield partner that is up to scratch. Won the ball back time and time again, kept possession in amazing circumstances and spread play well enough. 8

Welbeck – Broke free early on and could have easily set up Wazza for a one-on-one but went for the greedy option which pretty much set his day. Had a good touch here and there but overall he was relatively ineffective and was subsequently taken off. 5

Rooney – How anyone can be satisfied with his level of performances this season is beyond me. He brings nothing to the table at the moment. No creativity, very little goals, hardly any energy and couldn’t control a bag of cement . Take into account that he’s the third highest paid footballer in the world, behind only Eto’o and Ibrahimovic, you’re then left counting the days for when he will eventually f*** off so we can all party and celebrate as we’ll be able to use that £25 million on a player that might look like they actually give a toss. Also, if you think he’s world class, write all the reasons you think he is in the comment section below so I can have a good laugh. Thanks in advance. 4

Van Persie – Another player who has lost their way but to a much, much less extent. Difference is that with Robin, when he does have a bad game, he can still create a moment of pure magic like is sensational cross for Jones. Now that’s world class. 6


Valencia – They bring Kun Aguero on, we bring on the most disappointing player of this league campaign. 5

Hernandez – We had hardly any possession, created nothing and looked dead tired in the central midfield area, so yep, we brought on another striker (if you still consider that other potato a striker). Exactly what you need when you’re trying to get hold of the ball. N/A

Kagawa – N/A

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