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Many United fans shout for one reason or another when he's on the pitch.

Many United fans shout for one reason or another when he’s on the pitch.

In almost thirty years of supporting Manchester United I can’t recall a more frustrating player than Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha: Nani to you and me.

He can beat players, has an amazing array of skills and is more than capable of finding the back of the net, yet Nani seems to spend just as much time sending crosses into J stand as he does creating something useful.

The problem when it comes to Nani is that he can be a match winner which isn’t something we can always say about other players for the Reds at the minute as many of them seem to fall into the ‘reliable’ category.

It would appear that Nani’s inconsistency – plus his reluctance to sign a new deal have finally caught up with him and he’s now headed for the exit door.

The Mirror notes:

Manchester United are ready to cut their losses on Nani and ditch him at the end of the season.

Talks between the Old Trafford club and the winger over a new deal have broken down over his wage demands and now it seems there is no way back for him.

Nani’s pitiful display in United’s 1-0 FA Cup quarter-final replay defeat to Chelsea last Monday has convinced boss Sir Alex Ferguson of the need to move the 26-year-old on.

It would be easy to dismiss this as paper nonsense but the fact it’s written by David McDonnell, who seems to enjoy a good relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson and was one of the first journalists to report the manager’s determination to sign Robin Van Persie.

Nani meanwhile has been at the very least making the right noises, he told MUTV:

“This season has been a bit disappointing for me as I’ve had a couple of injuries. It’s been very difficult to be at my best but I’ve come back from injury and am trying to be at my best until the finish of the season. I hope that, next season, I can do what I like to do – play my football and be at my best.”

I’m a big fan of Nani and would actually like him to stay on, but even I find him excruciating at times. One such case was in the loss to Real Madrid and I’m not referring to the red card which wasn’t his fault. No the incident that highlighted just how frustrating Nani can be occurred in the first half, the winger won a corner and as he prepared to take it he waved his arms to rally the crowd who duly obliged. Nani promptly delivered one of the worst corners I’ve ever witnessed, one so poor it was more like a pass to a Madrid player and the visitors actually counter attacked from it.

I want Nani to stay, but with his frustrating play and reluctance to sign a new deal I wouldn’t be too surprised if this season turns out to be his last in a United shirt.

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13 responses to “Report: Nani To Be Sold In The Summer”

  1. Jasper says:

    Fuck the media, why always nani? some people are blind, why should you say that about nani’s perfomance against madrid? guy if you don’t have things to tell us go and sleep because what am seeing here is rubbish

  2. Manmeet says:

    Why Nani if he is unconsistant u talk as if he is the worst in united .. Come on look at Valencia , young , Nani has bagged in more goals than this two players with only playing 17 matches … Last season he did not have any injuries and he was on top form he scored more than 15 goals and about 20 over assists . Come on man face the fact united wont be in good condition without Nani cause he’s been with united for 6 years and young players like zaha , Rodriguez are coming ,pls tell me what experience do they have playing at united ,they are in their 20s and no experience …. Young and Valencia are with injuries or inconsistant form yet they are not targeted to leave , I think Nani will be a great player next season ..just give him more time !!