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Many United fans shout for one reason or another when he's on the pitch.

Many United fans shout for one reason or another when he’s on the pitch.

In almost thirty years of supporting Manchester United I can’t recall a more frustrating player than Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha: Nani to you and me.

He can beat players, has an amazing array of skills and is more than capable of finding the back of the net, yet Nani seems to spend just as much time sending crosses into J stand as he does creating something useful.

The problem when it comes to Nani is that he can be a match winner which isn’t something we can always say about other players for the Reds at the minute as many of them seem to fall into the ‘reliable’ category.

It would appear that Nani’s inconsistency – plus his reluctance to sign a new deal have finally caught up with him and he’s now headed for the exit door.

The Mirror notes:

Manchester United are ready to cut their losses on Nani and ditch him at the end of the season.

Talks between the Old Trafford club and the winger over a new deal have broken down over his wage demands and now it seems there is no way back for him.

Nani’s pitiful display in United’s 1-0 FA Cup quarter-final replay defeat to Chelsea last Monday has convinced boss Sir Alex Ferguson of the need to move the 26-year-old on.

It would be easy to dismiss this as paper nonsense but the fact it’s written by David McDonnell, who seems to enjoy a good relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson and was one of the first journalists to report the manager’s determination to sign Robin Van Persie.

Nani meanwhile has been at the very least making the right noises, he told MUTV:

“This season has been a bit disappointing for me as I’ve had a couple of injuries. It’s been very difficult to be at my best but I’ve come back from injury and am trying to be at my best until the finish of the season. I hope that, next season, I can do what I like to do – play my football and be at my best.”

I’m a big fan of Nani and would actually like him to stay on, but even I find him excruciating at times. One such case was in the loss to Real Madrid and I’m not referring to the red card which wasn’t his fault. No the incident that highlighted just how frustrating Nani can be occurred in the first half, the winger won a corner and as he prepared to take it he waved his arms to rally the crowd who duly obliged. Nani promptly delivered one of the worst corners I’ve ever witnessed, one so poor it was more like a pass to a Madrid player and the visitors actually counter attacked from it.

I want Nani to stay, but with his frustrating play and reluctance to sign a new deal I wouldn’t be too surprised if this season turns out to be his last in a United shirt.

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13 responses to “Report: Nani To Be Sold In The Summer”

  1. Ndombasi says:

    Any time Nani is on the field for man utd, it creates an unpredictable suspense on me, at such a point that i lose the taste of that particular game.

  2. Inzaghi says:

    I’m with you in so much as I love the guy when he’s on-song and he’s one of our few match-winners, but he’s so inconsistent it’s untrue. I do think he’s a confidence player (inspite of how he plays) and his not feeling valued has a major impact on his on-field performance, and as a result we’d probably see a much better Nani were he to sign a new contract, but it’s 6 years with very little end-product. Hopefully Zaha slots in nicely and Tony V regains the form of last season. If Nani goes, I reckon we go in for another winger – Bale perhaps? I know he’s crazy money but I honestly think if he doesn’t go to RM, we’re gonna have a crack at working out a deal somehow.

  3. ee says:

    If he goes, believe me the team will be a big loss. Tell me which winger can create more than him? No one. If he is poor, what does it make of our other wingers? Because i dont know what they produce more than him.

  4. If Nani is sold,who’s 2 be his replacement?

  5. Al bash says:

    Would you please leave Nani alone. We are not talking about garbages like Valencia and Young but rather Nani. Why always him. The media successfully tagged him ‘inconsistent’ so now every chattering nonentity will use the same quote whether he plays well or not. Welbeck’ played most matches this season and can only manage 2 goals and i don’t see you guys criticise him this way even though it shows he clearly plays due to sentiments not real efforts gives him the nod and very poor in front of goal. But they constantly find a way to criticise Nani. Cleverly, young, Welbeck, aren’t united class and its they who should be shift out, if the weren’t English they wouldn’t be playing. Give the guy a break please.

    • Alex The Great says:

      Spot on m8 , i do think tho, that always the english players are better treated then the forign players, but the truth is that always the english media is producing that, not the clubs or the menagers…so i think that the real thruth is somewhere with the efects and records , and we can’t judge someone with the way we look at him or her, we must judge them with their efects and records,and Nani’s are better then anybody else who played on the wing except Ronaldo !!!

  6. Jon Wilmot says:

    Sadly, it’s looking increasingly likely to be the case. I’m sure Valencia will be staying and I can’t see Young leaving either to be honest. Considering the fluctuating form of those two though, if Nani is to leave it will be surely be with intention of replacing him with a fairly high-profile signing. Though central midfield has to be the priority in our summer transfers, a bit of quality on the wings certainly wouldn’t go amiss in this United team.

  7. Lesego says:

    but you do know nani was brilliant that night and set up our only goal

  8. Trevor says:

    I can’t remember a United team with three terrible wingers and especially Valencia who will play short passes to Rafael all the match with no end result Both Rafael and Valencia will not centre the ball when they have the chance, if they did I can remember three years ago when Rooney scored ten goals with his head with early centres which never come over now.
    It must be frustrating for the forwards running into position in the centre waiting for a ball that will never come.

  9. Leon says:

    The team for next season;

    ………….De Gea……….




    …………Van Persie……..

    SQUAD; Lindergaard, Amos, Fabio, Smalling, Ferdinand, Vidic, Buttner, Cleverley, Powell, Giggs, Valencia, Young, Zaha, Welbeck and Hernandez.

    We should sign James Rodriguez and Kevin Strootman for next season. We have already secured Wilfried Zaha and he will be a promising addition. We need to sell Nani and Anderson this summer though. I can see Scholes and Fletcher retiring, but that should see Nick Powell push into the squad more.

  10. Tom says:

    I like the team @Leon, although I’m not sure Jones will be playing center back too often. I think Ferdinand and Vidic will continue to be rotated next to Jonny Evans next season. Smalling will then be next in to play at center back for the team. Jones might get some matches, but I see him doing a job in the center of midfield, hopefully along with Carrick and someone like Strootman.

    I totally agree that Nani and Anderson should both move on this summer. Neither have reached the heights we wanted when we shocked everyone by signing the pair of them on the same day. I still remember seeing that news on Sky Sports and being over the moon. They were both promising at the start and contributed to a great 2008 season. Nani has threatened to be a top player but doesn’t have the consistency or drive like Ronaldo had. Anderson has just been ravaged by injuries season after season.

    Zaha is a good addition, but I agree that we need to get another player like Rodriguez, or my preferred choice, Isco. However the team you put down has something that must be implimented, starting from Monday, and that’s Kagawa playing in the attacking number 10 role. Its from that position where he will produce his best and move to the left and right, or drop deep, but he needs freedom. Rooney isn’t going anywhere but he needs to be used as one of the creative players behind the striker.