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Could Sir Alex's pursuit of the CL keep Nani at United?

Could Sir Alex’s pursuit of the CL keep Nani at United?

The future of Luis Almeida Da Cunha at Old Trafford looks about as prosperous as the playing surfaces as almost every Red now seems certain that Nani, like the OT turf will be gone in the Summer.

It seems obvious with the many, many reports, the omission from the side since the awful display against Chelsea -a performance so bad that even Antonio Valencia outshone him, Nani will be taking his ever less frequent back flip to pastures less green next season.

Paris Saint German- as seems compulsory now- Juventus and even Real Madrid have been rumoured to be chasing the winger and when you think about it, that’s not really a surprise. Nani is still a match winner has the ability to wreak havoc against any defence and is good box office, the only problem is of course he’s completely erratic.

One thing that may keep Nani at Old Trafford is the Champions League, a competition where we’ve seen him shine since he joined United. Yes, he may have received a red card against Madrid, but let’s face facts that was never a red and prior to that Nani had been giving Los Blancos a torrid time. It wasn’t the first time that Nani had impressed in the Champions League, in 2010 when United crashed out to Bayern Munich at Old Trafford it was the Portuguese winger who’d very nearly kept the Reds in the competition with a stunning display.

Sir Alex Ferguson has won the Premier League title 12 times – soon to be 13 surely- and only twice lifted Europe’s greatest trophy, I say only as it’s something of a small disappointment in his glittering career that such a phenomenally triumphant domestic manager hasn’t quite achieved the same success in the Champions League.

Keeping Nani at the club may prove a masterstroke as Sir Alex chases the one trophy that’s eluded him more that any other, two Champions League wins in 20 years in the competition may stick in the United boss’s throat somewhat and keeping hold of Nani could be a way to rectify that.

Week in week out Nani doesn’t have the consistency you’d demand from such a talented winger, but twice a month or so on the European stage, he may just be the difference between a win and another near-miss, the question is does Sir Alex still have faith in him?

Do you think Nani will stay at United? Is he good enough in the Champions League to convince Sir Alex to stay?
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7 responses to “The One Thing That Could Save Nani’s United Career?”

  1. @vinaldo7 says:

    i dont think he will be here next year… but i dont necessarily want that to be the case. i think nani is the most underrated and overcriticized of our players, but you said it… MATCH WINNER. unfortunately rather than play him on the right where he has excelled he keeps getting stuck out on the left where it is clear he is unhappy. the fact that valencias future is not even questioned despite how TERRIBLE he has been, and nanis is astounds me. if the lad can get more money somewhere else, then so be it. as far as i am concerned it is our fault he has not been used to his potential, not his.

    good luck nani!!!

  2. Owusu Ansah Asare says:

    We need luis nani

  3. MSMU says:

    Nani should leave Man Utd, and so should Chicharito. It is disgusting and disrespectful of somebody as great as Sir Alex, the way he treats Nani and Chicharito. Nani plays masterfully for Portugal and is often applauded off the pitch by Portugal fans who appreciate his talents. When the Portuguese international manager publically states that Fergie needs to show Nani some love, well says everything about Fergie’s treatment of Nani doesn’t it. I agree with you about Nani’s often great play in the champions league. Chicharito will score goals any team he plays for, he is a fox in the box. He is more likely to get us goals than Rooney, he is positive and never complains, and to sell him Fergie will be a dumb ass. How NON goal getter Welbeck gets the strikers role before Chicharito I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND, Fergie has his pets, and their contribution is often poor, and that is why he hasn’t won the CL but twice. He doesn’t pick the right teams. He is the greatest PL title getter though, and always will be until he chooses to retire, and even then nobody will better him in PL. Nani and Chicharito should leave OT and strut and display their great talents elsewhere.

  4. Mark says:

    Nani is a genius player wit a stronger paces to excel in man utd. The problem is fergie has bluntedly refuse to make dat dude a regular starter which is veri unfortunate. Though valencia has not been in his form dis season but should’nt be bench 4 nani coz nani is an outstanding an a courageous player. He can havoc a defence with an immediate effect he has a high mediocre to successed in man utd.

  5. Leolyn Phillips says:

    I am sure that Nani is a good individual and talented soccer player.If a player like him can provide u with a display like he does,even on a day without goals,than He is a keeper.

  6. Princecharles says:

    I luv nani so much him should stay, he is good i no he is goin 2 do batter next season

  7. Phillip louis says:

    Its Fergie alone that has made nani a failure, nani should leave & get where he can play regulary & he can prove to the world how great he is, he naturally endowed with football not like these rugby like players with no skills[tony v,jones]