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Has the number on his back weighed down Tony V?

Has the number on his back weighed down Tony V?

Antonio Valencia has endured a difficult season, there’s no point in either denying it or regurgitating what’s already been spouted about the winger’s fall from grace.

The burning question is can Valencia’s fall from grace continue to be tolerated next season, should it continue, or will he find himself warming the bench or dare I say even the transfer list?

One item that perhaps hasn’t been dissected quite as much as Tony V’s loss of form, is his clothing as many would consider what number he wears completely irrelevant. Well, that would be true if it wasn’t for the fact Valencia’s wearing the most famous shirt in the history of association football, a number that’s automatically associated with some of the greatest players the game has ever produced. So should Valencia continue to wear a shirt that seems to have weighed him down or is it time to offer it to someone else? Let’s have a look at some contenders to the shirt made famous by the likes of Beckham, Eric, Robbo, Ron and Best.

Shinji Kagawa.

The little maestro certainly has the ability despite not being given enough chances to show it- at least not for my liking- although he’s already turned down the offer of the number seven shirt once.

Upon declining the number seven shirt when he joined, Kagawa commented: ‘I’ve just joined the team and haven’t accomplished anything yet, ‘I want to make a name for myself [at United] on my own terms.’

One could argue, with some justification that he’s still not proven himself or accomplished anything, but he’s given us enough of a starter to whet the appetite for a main course.

Wilfried Zaha.

Hold on! He’s not even here yet! Well that didn’t stop Cristiano Ronaldo who more than rose to the occasion, however it would be ridiculous to expect CR7 type football from young Wilfried just yet.

One thing Zaha does possess is confidence, seemingly in abundance, so would the number seven shirt actually push his ego too far over the edge or simply justify the assuredness he already possesses.


Sounds laughable giving the most coveted United shirt there is to a player who’s future seems to be perpetually in doubt but should Nani remain at Old Trafford next season he could be an ideal man to wear the number seven shirt. He’s a match winner, he obviously has the ability to tear defences apart and he’s suffered with enough Ronaldo comparisons to last a lifetime so a few more shouldn’t hurt.

Naturally many would balk at the idea of a player as inconsistent as Mr Da Cunha being handed such a prestigious shirt but it may just be the one final kick up the back side the erratic winger needs.

There may be another United arrival who some how seems worthy of the iconic shirt next season, we just don’t know, or more than likely we’ll see Tony V continue to wear it but should neither of those factors occur could the trio mentioned here be the main candidates?

Have I missed someone out you feel could be the next number 7 or should United persist with Valencia?

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20 responses to “The Perfect Candidate For United’s Number 7 Shirt?”

  1. Adio Dare says:

    I think Nani is the right man,let give him more chance again

  2. Tom says:

    Kagawa could be a choice but I don’t think we should put that pressure on him. I wouldn’t say Valencia bad form is just down to having the number 7 shirt. Maybe the number got tainted when we gave it to Michael Owen.

    I think Valencia will still have the shirt next season because he isn’t leaving Man Utd. We all know he has had a bad season, along with Young and Nani, but Valencia will stay for next season. It will be a chance for him to redeem himself.

  3. sPy-t says:

    Give it to nani and renew his contract.. problem solved and i bet you nani will be on fire all season..offload valen he has made utd a predictable team always the ball is on the RW all the time! We cant play through the middle no more

  4. bad says:

    Young gets payed wayy 2 much sell him n #7 .. Gota give Nani over a 100G’s a week u will see a differance, another winger n a running play maker n center back..

  5. bad says:

    Young gets payed wayy 2 much sell him and #7 .. Gota give Nani over a 100G’s a week you will see a differance, we need another winger n an attacking play maker and a center back..

  6. paschal says:

    Valencia is so predictable.nani Is by far ahead of him.he can only cut to his right foot…such an overrated player without football brains

  7. paschal says:

    Renew nani’s contract,and give him the number 7,and watch him in action. Valencia is not even a man utd standard..even a team like reading will not want such a baffles me why SAF hasn’t learnt a thing and keeps choosing him ahead of a game changer like nani. Valencia good form last season was a pure cheer luck..I was startled when such a prestigious number was handed to him. SAF better do something about it.

  8. franklin says:

    Valencial is west material, so u ppl should sale him 2 any club, again Nani should stay pls, he is a quality player that every club need, so i suggest dat valencial should go why nani should stay.

  9. Both Nani & Valencia should stay because they are two good players with massive talents. However, the ยค7 MUST BE given to either Nani or be reserved until when CR7 returns to the nest. Above all, renew Nani’s contract otherwise he will be playing under protest. He is untapped enigmatic talent United can’t afford to lose. Of late our team is not firing from all cylinders because of the flanks are blunt thereby forcing RvP to go deeper and search for balls and eventually lose his adept scoring.