Date: 2nd April 2013 at 3:39am
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De Gea – Pulled off a series of spectacular saves as per usual against Chelsea. 7

Valencia – A bystander throughout the game who never really offered anything going forward or at the back. 5

Smalling – Very solid defensive display from the youngster. Carried everything out with minimal fuss. 7

Ferdinand – Held keep the defence together but left hapless with so many waves of Chelsea attacks thrown his way. 6

Evra – Lost the ball in dangerous positions when he could of whipped the ball in. Touched looked off. 5

Nani – Probably the worst performance I’ve ever seen from him in a United shirt. Just couldn’t pass the ball to our players. 2

Jones – Never really added the energy you’d expect him to bring to the side. Failed to control the game. 4

Carrick – You know it’s a poor performance when even Michael Carrick has a bad game. Lost the ball a lot and never created much either. 5

Cleverley – Ran about a little bit, picked up a yellow and then got subbed off. 4

Welbeck – Looked determined to win this game on his own if he had to. Took players on, created our best chance and looked a class act. 8 (MOTM)

Hernandez  – Desperately unlucky not to grab an equaliser but did very little in terms of link-up play with the team. 6


Van Persie – Expected him to come in and change the game for us. He didn’t. He missed our best chance instead. 5

Giggs – His creativity and class on the ball was nearly enough to get us back in the game. 7

Young – Nearly got an assist. Appalling overall though. 5


4 responses to “Player Ratings: United v Chelsea FA Cup Replay”

  1. John Tring says:

    SAF: 3/10. For his awful selection and even more bizarre subs. You don’t send an 80-year old to turn the game around against young players like Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Ba and so on…Otherwise your rating is OK except Welbeck is not that good really, just running around like a headless chicken is not sign of a top guy. Genuine rebuilding is essential at Utd. A tad fortunate to be 15 points ahead in EPL.But we’ll take it!

  2. Greatman says:

    What a disappointed date! Losing match for Real Madrid really hurt team so so much. The only thing we can have is the EPL. But, don’t be happy so soon, their current performance can just harm them.

    About the FA replay match, I really have different thought to them. Below is what my feeling:

    De Gea – He got lots of improvement comparing with the season start. But, he always look frustration on his eyes and lack of confidence. But, we can’t blame too much on him for Ba’s goal. 5

    Valencia – He played better in the right back than right wing. After moving back to right wing, he became the old Valencia again. We can’t depend much on this guy anymore. 4

    Smalling – He was still so shakey and got many wrong passing. He just played average. 6

    Ferdinand – He was not playing on his best position and had responsibity for Ba’s goal. Evans could be a better choice to partner with him than Smalling. But, it looks like Evans was injury and he was even in the sub list. 5

    Evra – Lost the balls so often as usual. He didn’t have support with the left winger. Cleverly didn’t work out with him. 5

    Nani – Definitely playing so bad on this game. But, I still think he shouldn’t be changed out after RVP was in because there was no winger could cross the ball well better than him, not even Valencia and Young. He can do something that others can’t do in the team especially in bad situation. 2

    Jones – What do you expect a guy just come out after recovery? Fergie using him was planning for 2nd half tactic change. He had already done his job on the first half. Unfortunately, we lost a goal in the beginning of 2nd half. 5

    Carrick – He was the most stablest man in the team so far this season. He could be tired after playing the game on Sat and it made him having poor performance. 5

    Cleverley – Similarly, putting him on the left could be Fergie’s plan for 2nd half tactic. Unfortunately, his performance was terrible. He is not in class and his growth is not good. 2

    Welbeck – He was playing so hard, fast and strong. But, he still couldn’t know how to make connection with teammates. Working hard to steal the balls, but wasting far too easy on poor passing. He has no break through on this performance. He is really not in class. 6

    Hernandez – He used to score in Chelsea’s battle, but not this time. He only got little chance to score. It was probably the poor performance of wingers on both side. 6


    Van Persie – It could be a down turn of his performance currently. Similarly, it could be the reason of poor performance on wingers and midfielders that gave him insufficient supports. 5

    Giggs – His performance was just so and so. He have done well so far this season. Can’t expect too much especially on this critical moment. 5

    Young – Similar to Valencia, he is a out form wingers. Besides, he was just recovered from injured. Well, I think his top form had been gone before he arrived Man Utd. 4

  3. Alan Holden says:

    We never played as a team.
    Welbs was fantastic, but as you say, one man can’t win a match.
    Seemed like we were a man down for most of the match with Nani’s shocker of a game. Seems his heart just isn’t in it anymore. Maybe time to part company. Part Exchange for Ronny? 🙂

  4. Greg says:

    Giggs 7??? Are you sure?