Date: 27th May 2013 at 3:38am
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Paul Pogba

Could the Frenchman return to Old Trafford?

The name Paul Pogba is about as revered by Reds as that of Paul Ince, he’s a player who despite barely featuring for the United first team angered the vast majority of fans with his decision to join Juventus rather than sign a new deal at Old Trafford.

Pogba’s move to the Old Lady may have left a bad taste in the mouth but the youngster has undoubtedly got more games at the Stad De Alpi this season than he would at the Theatre of Dreams.

There’s no denying money was a factor for the young Frenchman’s move to Italy but the chance of first team football shouldn’t be dismissed. Pogba has featured in 27 league games for the Turin outfit a number he would never have gotten near at Old Trafford. Let’s face facts Tom Cleverley struggled for games towards the end of the season despite being an England regular, while Anderson remained a bit-part player, Pogba would be lucky to see past the likes of Cluj and Reading.

Regardless of why he left United, the chances of  return seem unlikely after all Pogba’s only one year into a four year contract. According to reports in the Mirror the midfielder could be heading to Arsenal. The Mirror notes:

Despite the 20-year-old’s fine form, the Gunners have been alerted to the fact that he is ­unsettled in Turin ­after being the ­subject of racial abuse in a derby match against Torino last month.

Pogba was also sent off for spitting at an opponent when Juve sealed the title against Palermo earlier this month.

Arsenal would now have to pay top dollar for the player as Juve are not keen to sell and are likely to ­demand at least £15million.

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That does make you wonder, if Pogba is available is a move to United completely out of the question? Well under Sir Alex Ferguson is probably would have been given the former boss’s comments about the player’s departure. After he left Sir Alex noted:

“Pogba signed for Juventus a long time ago as far as we’re aware. “[It] is disappointing. I don’t think he showed us any respect at all, to be honest.”

With Ferguson’s retirement and David Moyes appointment, comes the possibility of Pogba returning, after all he’s the type of midfielder the Reds could use, has gained valuable experience and is developing into the player he showed potential in becoming at United.

The main problem may well be does the young Frenchman even want to come to Old Trafford? After all he only left a season ago, but then again, he does know what being at United is like, he won’t be entering the unknown and that could prove somewhat attractive.

If Pogba is willing to consider Aesenal then why not a return to United? The club represents  a better chance of success and the question of match time shouldn’t be as much of an issue as it was. Pogba could well force his way into the United line up, a cheaper, more long term, yet equally as able option to Marouane Fellaini.

There’s a lot of conjecture, theories and maybes when it comes to the chances of Pogba coming to United, but is it really beyond the realms of possibility if Moyes is looking for a young midfielder?

Could Pogba be the midfielder United are crying out for? Is he no longer welcome at United? Do we need someone more experienced?

Answers below in a disorderly fashion please:

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7 responses to “Could Sir Alex’s Retirement Open The Door For Pogba’s Return?”

  1. andre says:

    Gotta be craziest article iv seen yet

  2. Deshane says:

    Pogba is the best young defensive midfelder in the wordl at the moment. Utd were fools not to meet his wage demands. Pogba is easily better than any of the current central midfielders on Utd’s roster. He is 10 times the player Carrick is and wll ever be. SAF has bee falsely labeled with the tag of giving youth a chance when he quite clearly doesnt bother to play them. Pogba, Morrison, Fryers, Magnus Eikrem is a just growing list of talent taht Utd let through their hands and they only have themselves to blame for their misdemeanors. I dont blame Januzaj, Larnell Cole, Lingard or Vermijl if they decide to seek greener pastures do to a lack of 1st team opportunities. The truth any one of the above youngsters arew more than capable of challenging or replaceing any 1 of the current 1st teammers. Larnell Cole> Valencia; Januzaj>Young; Henriquez/Will Keane> Hernandez/Welbeck; Lingard>Anderson; Enkagamene/Pearson have the potential to be better than Carrick or Fletcher

  3. Pj says:

    Never would we take such slanderous, ungrateful scum back to our ranks. He’s an ok player, nothing more and his attitude is a disgrace.

  4. Colin says:

    Who’s to say that Pogba wouldn’t have got more playing time last season if he had stayed. People forget that one summer, yes, just one summer could make a big difference between playing reserve and first team football. The season before, he wasn’t quite ready but Sir Alex might well have played him more if he had stayed and gone on pre-season tour with us.

  5. Colin says:

    @Deshane – Morrison, Fryers, Magnus Eikrem? Ya right, you know better!!! If you think you’re so damn good, why don’t you give up your job and go into football management at a lower league team for a start and see where you stand!!! There is a huge gap between reserve and 1st team football, unlike before, not to mention clowns like you will be up in arms if we didn’t win anything after playing these kids!!!