Date: 21st May 2013 at 3:56am
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Tony V - remember him?

Tony V – remember him?

United’s new boss spent his first day in his new job yesterday meeting the back room staff at Carrington as the questions already begin as to who will stay and who won’t under the new regime. When it comes to the players names such as Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney are both expected to be at Old Trafford, with news that the defender will sign a new deal this week and the manager will convince the want-away striker to fight for his place.

One player who may not be going anywhere in the Summer but certainly could give the manager plenty plenty to think about is Antonio Valencia who’s form over the past nine months has been nothing short of abysmal. United may have managed to win the league at a canter but there’s no denying that Valencia seems to have gone from being one of our biggest assets to at times a passenger or even a liability.

The general feeling amongst United fans is that Valencia has done enough since he signed from Wigan to prove his worth and deserves at least the early part of next season to remind us of what he can do. Part of the reason many Reds feel this way is a bit of sentimentality, something our new manager won’t have when it comes to players.

Moyes has some tough decisions to make as the new boss not just in keeping hold of Wayne Rooney who unfortunately has dominated the headlines for the wrong reasons these past two weeks. One big decision may involve our number seven and whether Moyes can really afford to enter the new season waiting to see if he gets his mojo back.

Should Valencia be given a chance to prove his worth next season? Is it time to give the likes of Young, Nani and Zaha a chance on the wings?


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  1. Albert says:

    Valencia….unplayable?? Hahahahahaha. Nani on his day is unplayable not the one-trick pony Valencia. Piennar is an inferior version of Nani so i think Moyes will play him regularly till he becomes more consistent. If Nani can fully realise his potential under Moyes he’ll be one of the best in the game.

    • bob says:

      did you forgot about last season when the guy was our driving force???

      • trevor says:

        Im sorry Bob but we don’t talk about last season or you will start talking when Bobby Charlton.
        Valencia is rubbish and he said it was because he was not fit. He played the last half of the season so if he says he is not fit he is making an excuse.
        My thought is that he is frightened to get tackled, if you notice when a player confronts him he always passes back

        • bob says:

          while i agree with you that the guy has probably a psychological issue last season is recent past and recent past should serve lesson.even though that does not excuse his performances this term,we need to understand that not every player is messi or ronaldo and that players do have some blip in form.even rvp went missing for some months.valencia was great last season but this term he seems to have some unknown kind of a problem.players should not be ditched like that.i agree that for huge parts of the season he’s been a liability but even the guy had admitted that he is not at all satisfied with his season.we should talk about last season because many lessons were learnt and many things can be retained and attempt to analyse,like for example valencia’s superb form culminating in dreadful performances.the question is why???.the issue has always been about why the guy is not performing well this term when in RECENT PAST he was a football monster???.the guy has got quality in abundance and don’t forget that last year,RECENT PAST,when guardiola was asked about the best winger he said valencia.also last year,if i’m right is RECENT PAST,the guy has swept all honours at the club.the problem is not about him being shit,the problem is about why such a blip in form.the guy deserves another chance and i beleive moyes will give him that.cheers.

  2. Paul says:

    Some of the posts.. I mean REALY!!

    I say:

    In: All the best players from Bayern, Real Madrid and Barca. A

    sell all the spoilt so-called United fans.. Never pleased with what they have, always looking for more…

    United should probarbly purchase and sell our entire squad par RvP… Including David Moyes… Bring in Tony Pullis!

  3. Paul says:

    Some of the posts.. I mean REALY!!

    I say:

    In: (1) All the best players from Bayern, Real Madrid and Barca… (2) Tony Pullis

    Out: (1) All the spoilt so-called United fans.. Never pleased with what they have, always looking for more… (2) The entire squad par RvP… (3) David Moyes…

  4. bob says:

    hahaha that was a good one mate.

  5. STARBOI says:

    R.I.P mrValencia_ahbeqiii ‘ d new boss shld make a wise decision on valencia_mee Want Im Fired Out Of d Team