Date:24th May 2013 at 3:15am
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"Then he said I'm thinking of swapping you for Ramires.."

“Then he said I’m thinking of swapping you for Ramires..”

Ramires? The one who plays for Chelsea? The one that looks like Gary Coleman? Him? For Wayne Rooney? The one of United’s greatest ever goal scorers Wayne Rooney? The five titles in seven years Wayne Rooney? Please tell me this is a joke…..

Before you log off or bombard me with abuse allow me to elucidate, I realise the idea of letting Rooney go to our rivals may see abhorrent to every Red, especially as it’s pretty much common knowledge Chelsea are one striker short of a title challenge. Rooney would surely take them to the next level, which could well be above us in the table if we’re not careful.

As for Ramires, he’s hardly top of everyone’s shopping list, a player less likely to excite the Old Trafford faithful than the return of Bebe. For one second though just think about several factors that may make the deal seem less cuckoo than we first thought. For starters Ramires is the sort of player United are actually crying out for, someone who can get hold of the ball and do a bit of graft a box to box energetic type that may not have the vision of a Michael Carrick or a skills of Shinji Kagawa but could slot in between them in a midfield line that would cover all the bases. Tackling? Check, Ramires can mix it up and Carrick isn’t easily beaten. Carrying the ball, Ramires can run with it as we saw at Old Trafford in the FA Cup. Creating chances for others, Ramires, Carrick and Kagawa are all capable of that. Getting goals? Ramires and more so Kagawa can do that. All of a sudden the midfield seems complete, with all the attributes you need from the men in the middle.

Ah but then there’s letting Rooney go, not only that but letting him go to our rivals. A valid point. First of all Rooney has now twice asked to leave, apparently, and as George W Bush once said: “ask to leave once, shame on you, ask to leave twice…erm… won’t ask to leave again.” or words to a similar effect. If the Scouse striker is determined he doesn’t want to play second fiddle to arguably the best striker in the world, then fair dos don’t let Phil Jones chin you on the way out. Rooney may want to leave but not fancy starting a new life with his young family in a country that is well “like living in a foreign country like la.” If Wazza doesn’t fancy French toast for breakfast then the options suddenly become very limited for both player and club. City and Chelsea are the only two clubs likely to be able and willing to pay Rooney’s astronomical wages and a move across Manchester is a definite no-no from a United point of view. Watching two members of our double winning strike force help City launch a title bid and possibly an assault on Europe is too much for any Red to take.

That just leaves Chelsea – Arsenal will never pay his wages so I’ve not even considered them- but the problem is he’d improve their side to the point of perhaps surpassing ours. Well he could do, but then again he could not, after all his form has been patchy and moving to the bright lights of London to chill with his bezzie Ashley Cole may not be conducive to getting him off the fags and pasties and more focused on his football. Also there’s a strong suggestion, not saying its true but it’s feasible, that a player who has now been playing eleven years of top flight football and has a somewhat stocky physique is actually past his best, again not saying he can’t still do a good job but he may not be the world class player he once was. Finally and perhaps more pertinently if Chelsea don’t sign Rooney they’ll probably go out and get a Falcao or someone equally as amazing therefore completely negating the argument that missing out on him stops them raising their game to the next level.

All this seems pointless if Chelsea don’t want to part with Ramires but according to reports in the Italian press should Rafa Benitez take the Napoli job, he could make the Brazilian his first signing. So if Chelsea were willing to part with Ramires for say £15 million then surely they’d be willing to give us some money and take Rooney off our hands for him.

Disclaimer- this bit might be getting a bit too far-fetched but bear with me- Chelsea could even swap Ramires and Romelu Lukaku for Rooney if United wanted a young yet proven striker ready made to be an understudy to the likes of RVP, Danny Welbeck and Chicharito. There you can ignore that bit if you want but its just a thought as I seriously doubt it would be a deal breaker if David Moyes demanded the two in exchange for a marquee player like Rooney.

Ramires may not be everyone’s cup of tea but he does a good job for Chelsea none more so than in the Nou Camp two seasons where he had a bit of a worldy against the cream of Europe’s midfield- scoring a ridiculously good goal in the process. The energetic midfielder could be just what’s needed to kick the Reds on in Europe, while if we get some money as well off the Pensioners – or a young striker- we could use it to strengthen up front.

I realise this idea seems so out there many of you will be calling for me to change my meds, but just ask yourself is this side one that could challenge in Europe, perhaps even more so than one with Rooney in it?:






I like Rooney – as a striker- I really do, less so when he’s played deeper, but if his United career can’t be salvaged, is this a deal that could work out better for the Reds in the long run?

I fully expect a lot of abuse in the comments below- don’t let me down:

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