Date: 24th May 2013 at 3:54am
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Has the Scouser realised his future lies at Goodison?

Has the Scouser realised his future lies at Goodison?

It seems one of the longest twitter rumours in history could be coming to an end, as the on/off saga of Leighton Baines coming to United seems to have had a line drawn under it.

The England international has spoken of Moyes’ departure from Goodison and commented on how the club will survive, adding the importance the players have in moving the side in the right direction.

Speaking to the Everton website, Baines noted:

“It’s a massive loss to lose the manager,”

“It was a sad day after the last game at Goodison particularly because you’ve been working with him for so long, he’s always around, he’s such a hard worker and he doesn’t miss a beat.

“It will be so strange the day we walk through the door and he’s not there.

“But football clubs live on and we’ll live on, we’ll move on.

“We’ll always remember what he did for the Club and where he’s put us, but it’s up to the rest of us, the people who remain and the people who come in, to take it forward now and build on the foundations he’s worked hard to put in.”

Despite all the rumours linking the 28 year-old with a move to Old Trafford it seems highly dubious that a player would make such a statement if they were following the manager out of Goodison. Many Reds think Baines will be a welcome addition to the United squad, but I’d beg to differ. Patrice Evra has just enjoyed a magnificent season and with Fabio returning from QPR not to mention Alexander Buttner as an option – mainly for the weaker sides, unless his defending drastically improves things are looking on the up in the left back slot.

The Baines transfer seemed somewhat unnecessary considering the fact he’s hardly a youngster and this latest statement may just mean the defender has realised his future doesn’t lie at Old Trafford.

Do we still want Baines at United? Is the deal over or could it still happen? Answers below in a not so orderly fashion please:


22 responses to “‘Baines To United’ Saga Finally Over?”

  1. chongo says:

    Phew that was close. Make me happy and confirm no other Everton players will be coming. Moyes at United will be tragic and I predict fan power will get him out in 8-9 months. However if he can learn quickly how to manage foreign players, purchasing power could keep him longer. I doubt though he can learn that quick.

  2. chongo says:

    Just read after I posted my last comment that 1st thing Moyes did was to fire Phelan. I like this as long as his new assistant is not anyone’s clone. Earned a forthight’s extra stay.

  3. Beechy says:

    Baines is class. We’re keeping him. Do one. You can have the lanky fro for £20m, cheers. Good luck with DM… You’ll need it.

  4. realist says:

    evra is a big character in the dressing room, we need him around, he loves and appreciates playing for united, unlike some!