Date: 8th May 2013 at 1:21pm
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The smiling would have to stop to replace Fergie

The smiling would have to stop to replace Fergie

Unless you’ve been unconscious for the past four hours you may have noticed that the greatest manager in the history of association football has decided to give City and Chelsea a chance next season.

The bookie’s favourite to succeed Sir Alex is overwhelmingly David Moyes who’s eleven year career at Everton is alleged to have convinced the Old Trafford hierarchy of his ability to take over the United hot seat. Moyes may not have won any trophies but he’s kept the Toffees competitive in the top half of the Premier League with a budget most Championship managers would be unhappy with.

The media has been awash with pundits and experts noting the similarities between Sir Alex and Moyes – which tend to consist mainly of the fact they’re both from Glasgow. While Moyes may share the same cold Scottish blood as the United boss, in terms of careers it’s actually a German who’s the more similar.

Jurgen Klopp’s tenure at Dortmund, can easily be compared to Ferguson’s at Aberdeen, breaking the stranglehold of more fancied favourites to claim the title and experience success in Europe- albeit Klopp hasn’t won anything yet, he’s still made the final.

Klopp as Sir Alex did at Pittodrie has made an unfancied side not just one of the top teams in their country but also Europe, playing the sort of football that demands respect and even admiration. David Moyes has done a fine job at Everton even gatecrashing the top four one season in 2004/05 but when it comes to trophies and success other than a solitary League Two winners medal, the cupboard is bare. Then there’s Europe, Moyes has played two games in the Champions League, losing both to Villareal -although Toffee fans will argue referee Pierluigi Collina had a big hand in that. Klopp on the other hand has led his side to a Champions League final, playing some sumptuous football along the way- just ask Manchester City.

One area Moyes does surpass his German counterpart in, is the Premier League, as the Everton manager knows it as well as almost anyone while Klopp has no experience of it whatsoever- unless you count a trip to the Etihad. It’s foolish to ignore Moyes knowledge of the Premiership, something that may well have sealed the deal in his favour over other more glamorous candidates.

Will Klopp take over from Sir Alex? Probably not as the smart money seems to be on Moyes, who will receive my utmost backing and patience should he replace Ferguson. If we were looking at someone who really has had a similar career to the one Sir Alex had prior to Manchester United and knows the Champions League then it’s Klopp not Moyes who fits the bill.


3 responses to “Jürgen Klopp Makes More Sense Than Moyes”

  1. Rich says:

    I agree. Jurgen Klopp for me.

  2. Lunga says:

    It would be fantastic to get the best manager in the fan’s eyes, I understand. But I believe that Moyes is the best man for the club. The board wouldn’t have made this decision in a split second. They’ve known for a while that Sir Alex wanted to retire, so they would have weighed up all the pros and cons. Moyes also came highly recommended by the man who guided the club for 27 years. Let’s get behind him because he’ll need the support in the beginning. He’s the right man for the job, I believe that with all of my heart.

  3. surafel ethiopya says:

    moyes out
    moyes out out