Date: 17th May 2013 at 3:50am
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Can Clev become a star under the new boss?

Can Clev become a star under the new boss?

The most anticipated managerial change in football history is almost upon as not just Reds but fans, pundits and even players across the world, wait to see whether David Moyes can live up to the expectation of succeeding the most successful manager in british football history.

David Moyes credentials are completely different from what one would expect one of Europe’s elite to be looking for. The Everton boss hasn’t managed on the continent, he hasn’t handled big budgets, dealt with superstars, won any major trophies, nor has he managed several top sides. While the likes of City, Chelsea and even Spurs chase managers who’s CVs are littered with Spanish, Italian and Portuguese clubs, United have gone for one whose spent the last 14 years in Deepdale and Goodison, the latter eleven year spell earning him his chance at Old Trafford.

It’s the longevity at Everton, the lack of spending money and the ability to get the best out of even somewhat mediocre players that’s no doubt attracted the United hierarchy. If United wanted a manager who would come in spend lots of money, bringing in big name stars, jettison the less ‘glamorous’ names in the side and then ride off into the sunset, probably with another trophy or two on his CV then no doubt we’d have pursued a sun kissed Jose Mourinho, or a expensively suited Carlo Ancelotti rather than a dour Scotsman. It seems many Reds are beginning to realise, after the initial underwhelming feel to Moyes’s appointment that the Everton boss is exactly what’s needed for not just the long run, but also the short term issues of working out which ‘fringe’ players are up to the job.

One player who’s gone from a mainstay to the fringes in the last few months is Tom Cleverley. The diminutive midfielder was a vital part of the United side during the first six months of the season but since February has barely warranted a look-in. Cleverley was being spoken of as the next big thing in English midfielders only several months ago, yet now his absence from the starting XI barely raises an eyebrow amongst Reds.

Cleverley hasn’t suddenly become a bad player, there’s just a number of factors which have contributed to his fall from favour. First of all is his fitness, the season seemed to catch up with Cleverley against Real Madrid and Chelsea to the point where in both games he looked pretty much dead on his feet in the early stages of the second half. Cleverley’s game relies on his energy and when that’s sapped from him, he suddenly begins to look very average. Another factor that’s prevented Cleverley from being a regular lately has been the use of Wayne Rooney and Phil Jones in midfield. Rooney’s days may or may not be numbered but his inconsistent showings in midfield have led to him being subbed almost regularly and it wouldn’t be a shock if should he stay the idea of using him in the middle is abandoned entirely. As for Jones, his performances at centre back will give Moyes something to think about should either Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic or Jonny Evans be unavailable, there’s also his use at right back to think about.

One reason more than any Cleverley should feel the Moyes taking over from Sir Alex, rather than a big name continental manager is the Scot’s ability to work with players arguably just below the very highest level and get the very best out of them.

Look at what he’s had to work with at Everton over the years and just how well he’s managed to do, many criticise his lack of a trophy but the Toffees have been on a shoe string and regularly finished in the top seven. Part of the reason for Everton’s success in the league has been Moyes ability to get the best from players. Mikel Arteta, Thomas Gravesen, Steven Pienaar, Tim Cahill, Leon Osman and even our former favourite Darron “Da G-Bomb” Gibson have enjoyed their best football under Moyes. The case of Pienaar is particularly relevant has he shone at Everton, left for Spurs where he struggled to make an impact then returned to Everton where he shone again.

Moyes seems to bring out the best in certain players and use their strengths in a way that benefits the entire team, while others can cover for their flaws. In the case of Cleverley Moyes may be able to work with him and find a role that perfectly suits his style of play, perhaps rather than alongside Michael Carrick, just ahead of him, yet more central than an attacking midfielder. We’ve seen Cleverley shine for United yet in some ways the jury is still out as to whether he’s actually good enough to be a regular for the Reds. If Moyes rates him then we could see Cleverley develop into the type of player he’s shown glimpses of being.


14 responses to “Moyes Appointment Spells Good News For Tom Cleverley”

  1. danny says:

    this is what worries me about moyes appointment…..that we will persevere with the dead wood who are british from the youth system and frankly not good enough….ie wellbeck and cleverly….for the last few seasons sir alex has grossly exagerated the youth system and over hyped it and the players from it……… put it in context if cleverly and wellbeck had been bought for say 10 million pounds each from another club would they be deemed good value or flops??…wellbecks age keeps getting mentioned and the fact he has played wide on occasions as clearly no wide player or any player aged under 25 has ever played either well or scored more than 2 goals in a season before…….at first i was pleased with moyes appointment as i believe he is a good manager….however some of fergies comments especially the “we wont let him go” regarding rooney make me wonder if moyes will just be a puppet who continues with the refusal to strengthen the midfield and persevere with wellbeck……..if anyone thinks i am being negative and ignoring the ease of which we won the title think again…… the the last few seasons we have had a pretty average side that labours against the lesser sides gets out played by the better sides and gets rescued by either rooney chica and latterly and more often van persie….our midfield isnt a top 4 midfield at all……..and it shows when we constantly go negative and get out played in the big games…i believe jose wouldve gutted the midfield entirely and perhaps that wa why he wasnt approached as his changing of the team wouldve looked like a critisism of sir alex…wheras moyes will continue to laud wellbecks work rate (yawn) wellbecks improvement (yawn) his movement (yawn) how he just needs a few more goals (yawn) and the team spirit that has won us the league under sir alex will be severely tested when mourinho arrives and pellegrini and the multi millions they both spend while we continue to hope wellbeck anderson cleverly and nani come good….and pray van persie doesnt get injured.

    • bob says:

      mate i understand you but those guys are not that bad and beleive me reinforcements will come to bolster the midfield.also the academy is in good shape and we are not chelski or city to splash billions even though we can afford to.we plan our moves man.and about welbz i agree the guy has only scored 2 goals this term but you cannot forget his work ethic and the fact that last term he scored 12 goals…he’s just having some problems at the moment but that don’t mean we should ditch him.and recall its only after five years at ot that ronaldo became a 20goal season player.we are good man don’t worry on paper we are not better than chelski or city but we are less worse and we are the f**kin champions.

      • bob says:

        coz fergie knows how to get the best out of the players.i reckon moyes also knows how to do that as his not so great everton has done quite well finishing above the fools and beating us and city…cheers

    • eric the king says:

      I think we all go round in curcles each summer repeating the same stuff.
      If anything, its been even worse this season in midfield, as it literally became a 1 man army.
      God knows what would’ve happened if Carrick had a drop in form, or even worse, been injured.
      Another big worry is Villa game apart, since hoing out of Europe we’ve been pretty lame.
      I totally accept that the manner of the defeat would have a psychological effort on the team, I totally expected it, but we’ve been drifting, a pattern pretty much of winning by a single goal, & that score being reversed against any half decent side.
      Cleveley really faded as the season went on, hopefully because hes not used to being fit enough to play so many games.
      Danny though, I wouldn’t give up on him.
      But he does need massive improvement in his 1 on 1s.

      • bob says:

        i agree with you.reinforcements are needed and i beleive they will come but we can’t mourn too much.what i beleive we need is strootman or wanyama another winger even though zaha is on board,resolve the rooney situation and promate cole,lingard,petrucci,wooton and michael keane.

    • Nige says:

      The best you can say for Cleverley is that,on a good day,he is “neat and tidy”. Otherwise no presence,no pace, no ball carrying ability and no goal threat.
      He is also nearly 24 and unlikely to get much better. We need to look elsewhere.

  2. k D says:

    well said Danny,…….we need more quality players in this team,. Just hope moyes understand/realises this on time(just look at our midfield for e.g). Honestly speaking we challenging 4 the title in the past 3 or so seasons is bcos of fergie’s influence not the quality of our team. And now mourinho is coming bak 2 chelsea and pellegrini 2 man c,, with al their millions wil strenghting their teams wit more quality players, i say this cos if care is not takin we may find ourselvs in 3rd or 4th next season if MOYES’ dont sort/solve our midfield PROBLEMS!!

    • bob says:

      you’ve got to have faith mate we are not so only beat us on goal difference last season and that without rvp.the team is already good not great just good but reinforcements will come as zaha is already on his way.the foundations already in place is fergie’s greatest legacy.mourinho back to chelski…so what we saw the guy off in 2006 with not one of man utd best squad.the guy had ballack,drog,sheva,lamps,terry,the coles,makelele,essien all at their peak.utd only had blossoming ronaldo and rooney.same with city this year, they have the best team in the league vey complete and with lots of quality but hey team spirit thrived and thats why we have won.don’t worry quality is coming but we won’t just splash the cash and moyes is a class act…we ain’t gonna finish 3rd or 4th as the foundations are there and from what i’ve seen at everton the man clearly knows how to get the best out of his boys…cheers

  3. jojo says:

    i believe Moyes knows wat to do, just be calm and think big man! Ofload Rooney and go for Gaitan as well as Lewandooo from Dortmund fc! Ofcourse Welbs and Clev will be used.

    • bob says:

      lewandowski sure.ofload rooney yes or maybe no.gaitan not too sure…would prefer bale or james rodriguez from porto although that would cost much.but all depends on whether rooney stays or not.

  4. Trevor says:

    Chelsea have Mata, hazard and ram areas
    Arsenal have Cozola and Wiltshire
    City have Toure and Silva
    All world class midfielders . In the last few years we have lost
    Giggs and Scholes who are now average squad players Hargreaves and Fletcher and none of them have been replaced. Either Fergie had lost the big picture or he was not given the funds from the Glazers. Yet he kept saying he was going for the big targets but ge

  5. Trevor says:

    Getting none.

  6. Rab says:

    What a bunch of whining twats. Be grateful that United have won the league and look strong for 2013/2014. Moyes will win at least the double with the talent at his disposal and i hope you cocks wll come on in year time and apologise for the criciticsm levelled at team in particular 2013/2014

  7. Melvynshane says:

    I believe Moyes has always been the man for the job. Agree that Clevz would benefit most from his appointment. The boy has potential… and Moyes knows that. Wouldnt be surprised if there were to be NO major signings made come next season.

    Fantastic talents are coming through the academy and they shouldnt be overlooked. It would’ve made me a happier devil if a certain Wazza decides to make an about turn.

    regardless… keep the red flag flying high