Date: 20th May 2013 at 6:48am
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Has the Player of the Season played his last game for Spurs?

Has the Player of the Season played his last game for Spurs?

Spurs players look dejected as the final whistle at White Hart Lane blows and despite yet another wonder strike from their lauded Welsh wonder a 1-0 win isn’t enough to see them achieve the prize they wanted.

United’s interest in Gareth Bale took another twist on the final day of the season as Spurs failed to grab that coveted fourth place spot thereby failing to make the Champions League.

Before the game much of the talk was whether the official greatest player in the history of the universe would be staying at White Hart Lane with the general consensus being he would should Tottenham achieve Champions League football.

Well unfortunately Spurs fell just short at Arsenal beat Newcastle meaning yet again the Gunners finish the season trophy-less but more or less happy as they qualify for Europe’s biggest competition.

Spurs now face an uphill battle keeping hold of a player who despite seeming quite happy at his current club, must surely realise a talent as great as his deserves to be facing the cream of Europe.

There’s no doubt that Chelsea, Manchester City and perhaps Real Madrid will all show interest in Bale this Summer but surely a move to Old Trafford represents the best option for the Welsh international.

Bale has just started a family so a transfer abroad may not be to his liking, while moving to an English club is hardly likely to endear him to the WHL faithful, a move to United may be less offensive to them than a move to Chelsea.

City on the other hand are still manager-less, although Manuel Pellegrini seems certain to take over- have finished the season empty handed and have still yet to ever progress past the group stage in the Champions League.

Moving to the Etihad may be a step up in terms of salary and current standing but historically City arguably aren’t quite at the same level as Spurs and certainly don’t get far bigger crowds as United do.

A player of the caliber of Bale deserves to playing in front of the biggest attendances, for the land’s most successful club in football’s most famous competition, something United can offer him on all three counts.

The question is could United match offers from the likes of City or Chelsea? If the board want to give Moyes the perfect start to his Old Trafford tenure, they may just have to.

Can you see Bale joining United? Will he sign a new deal at Spurs? Is he Madrid bound? Answers below please:

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78 responses to “[Picture] Bale To Manchester United Looking A Lot More Likely”

  1. Javi Sanchez says:

    If Bale stays at Tottenham, he would become the next RvP in two years time. RvP spent 9 years at Arsenal and won just the one trophy, a FA cup. While Bale, has been at Spurs for around 6 years and won just the Carling cup. If Bale decides to go, then Man Utd is the destination!!!

  2. Max says:

    Man Utd should just give the Tottenham beggers the £50/60m that their demanding for Bale. I’m sure United will make that money back within a year, because the [Bale 7] shirts would out sell Ronaldo’s pretty easily.

  3. DivineComedy says:

    Moyes is truly a comedy act in the waiting.. Fergie running him like a puppet act. The Empire is falling and all other fans will be pi$$ing themselves with laughter !!

  4. Max says:

    David Moyes a comedy act ha ha ha. Fine the guy has not won any major trophy and has no Champions League experience, but theirs no hiding, the job he did at Everton on a low budget for 11 years, was very impressive. I feel he did much better than AVB who lasted at Chelsea with a big cheque book for how long? Oh and let’s see how long he remains the Spurs manager once Gareth Bale decides to join Manchester United!

  5. isaac asiedu antwi says:

    I feel it will be a big disaster if united fail to sign bale.he is the best british player now n the best british club should sign him.just as bayern munich signs best german players so should united do.also bale will be a perfect replacement for giggs.if united really want to annex next years champions league then bale is a must,at whatever cost

  6. rakshit says:

    it’s hard to believe…but if he joins no can stop manchester united.what would i say is pay whatever it takes to bring him…spurs r next to nothing…what they seems to be a threat every year but they still end up 5th at the table….bale deserves to be at man utd….and if spurs won’t let him go then it would rather be a selfish act….let him grow…let him play champions league…moreover he can play with his hero giggsy.