Date: 18th May 2013 at 3:22am
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"You should've...."

“You should’ve….”

A car lies in a tunnel it’s front end all smashed in as the police investigate, surely the driver has suffered some form of serious injury or perhaps not even lived to tell the tale?

The driver is none other than soon to be crowned world footballer of the year, Manchester United’s very own Cristiano Ronaldo and thankfully for Reds everywhere, not to mention the world of football, the Portuguese star is unharmed. Fast forward a week and Chelsea visit Old Trafford in an early title deciding game. In between the chants of “Viva John Terry” from United fans, the opposition can be heard singing something far more sinister. “You should’ve died in the tunnel” was the sick chant heard from the Chelsea visitors.

Even the normally Chelsea-loving Sun newspaper picked up on the disgusting song and mentioned it in the match report. Chelsea fans had no love for Ronaldo and made it clear during their 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford that day. It wasn’t the first time CR7 as he was becoming known, had felt the wrath of the Pensioners, the video below is another example of the warmth they’ve shown him.

The latest rumour to hit the inter web is that Ronaldo is set to follow Jose Mourinho to Stamford Bridge in the Summer. No one knows how likely this is – other than perhaps ‘God’ as Ronnie used to like reminding us. Should the second best player in World football decide to cast his mind back to how the Chelsea fans treated him- compared to how loved he is at Old Trafford then, surely it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

Do you think Ronaldo would join Chelsea? Should United break the bank to bring him back? Answers below in a semi-orderly fashion please:


21 responses to “[Picture] Could This Stop Ronaldo Joining Chelsea?”

  1. Real headcase777 says:

    Come home boi

  2. Anselm says:

    I feel CR7 and Man U romance are years over and if he decides to join CFC, its not close to a no brainer.

  3. sunday says:

    nothing is imposible in sight of God,but if i may saY ronaldo should nt cm back to england.who told u ppl that special one want him to join the blues

  4. jack says:

    Why would he join a club that isn’t good enough for him ? There is more chance of rooney joining newcastle. Stupid roumers to fill the pages

  5. Saif says:

    no way… he’s a red devil he wil never join chelsea

  6. Bafa Couture says:

    Lol…not close to a no-brainer. Dude loves the money and the firm, the spotlight; and Chelsea seem to be taking over. Never say never!

    • Mugabe says:

      Chelsea seems to b taking over on what?the english media is full of shit,it can cook any story.

  7. Mike says:

    He should join chelsea over the next ten years chelsea will win more trophys than utd if utd love him that much why sell him in the first place ? Come to chelsea fella

    • Pete says:

      Hahahaha I didn’t know some fellas live in the future knowing what will be over the next ten years #pffft

  8. Espion says:

    CR7 is the second most “effective” attacking footballer in the world. But THE most complete footballer in the world currently. However as he nears the age of 29, Manchester United or any potential suitors of the Portuguese wing forward should rather completely shift their focus to player who is better than cristiano when he himself was 23 years old. Yup, I’m talking about the welsh powerhouse wizard, Gareth Bale.
    He is six years younger, he is stronger, a better dribbler, a better tackler and and equally good free kick taker…and let’s not forget the dynamite in his left boot capable of producing magic. He in time could become more complete than ronaldo and become the world’s “best” attacking player simply because the boy is grounded and a willing listener..he can continue to grow at an exponential rate…so spare the money for the Welshman who for me clearly trumps the Portuguese ace..

    • karan says:

      stronger, better dribbler…equally good free kick taker….what planet have you been living on, dude…..ronaldo invented his own way taking freekicks….and as of now after beckham, he is the best freekick taker…secondly this guy jumps 20 feet into the air and scores a goal…hes ten times the better dribbler than bale…and as far as bale is concerned that only thing iv seen him do is tap the ball and then run after him like a chicken with his butt on fire….dude dont even compare bale to ronaldo…ronaldo and messi are miles ahead of the current crop of players…plus if he was such an avid listener, he would be playing for united rather than tottenham….what better a chance to replace his own idol(ryan giggs)…

  9. splendidsolo says:

    i perfectly agree that Bale is a wonder kid. but CR7 is a god in United. come back fella we miss u.

  10. Danniel says:

    Cr7 is good,but i prefer NEYMAR/BALE/J RODRIGUEZ/SON or Auabamayang.