Date: 15th May 2013 at 9:38am
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A show of support

In what can only be described as the most emotional week of Manchester United’s recent history, there has been many rumours flying around about players and staff coming and going. The strangest part of it all was these rumours were followed by a fair amount of conclusive answers.

As we bid farewell to Sir Alex and thank him for changing the face of our club, we welcome a man made of similar stuff in David Moyes.

It was an obvious two horse race between David Moyes and Jose Mourinho; and while I thought the latter would have been the better choice – I am happy to admit I now feel differently and firmly trust the decision made by the club.

Tears have been shed since Sir Alex announced he was to depart; questions needing answering – but what we can be sure of is every one of the United faithful will be behind the former Everton manager once he takes on he role.

Nobody has quite understood why Rio Ferdinand has yet to sign a contract extension, with both player and club remaining tight lipped over the past few months; however on Sunday in a live interview on Sky Sports, Rio indicated he would like to stay on for another year and joked that he hoped Sir Alex would have put in a good work with the board.

Rio, take it from me; if the members of the board have eyes, they would have seen that you remain the best centre half in the country and need to be signed up. If they don’t have eyes – you are screwed.

Rio Ferdinand has now gone on to announce his retirement from  international football in a hope to pro-long his playing career. Thank god.

I must admit, I am an England supporter. I am not one of these reds who sits on my high horse judging those who want the national side to so well…. however the way Rio has been treated by the FA throughout his playing career has been disgusting and I am glad he has finally turned his back on them.

On a bit of sour note – it has been confirmed that Wayne Rooney wants to leave Manchester United… again… three years since he last wanted to leave.

Is he playing games and really just after a new and improved contract? This time I don’t think he is.

It has not gone down well with the fans with sections booing him at the trophy parade, but I would like to say this: When on the pitch, Rooney gives 100% in whatever role he is asked to do. He has been a great ambassador for United and if he feels he has achieved all he can; would like to play abroad; or simply has decided that after 10 years he see’s his future elsewhere, then so be it.

Rooney has been an exceptional player for many years and to put it simply, isn’t going to get any better. He may not get worse for another three seasons but we have had him at his peak.

Players come  and go. Wayne, if you want out, goodbye and good luck.

Paul Scholes has announced his retirement…. again. (I am getting a feeling of deja vu in this news piece). This time Scholes is 100% sure as in an interview with former red Gary Neville, the ginger prince admitted his body simply cannot take the rigours of the game any more.

Let us hope Moyes gets him on the coaching staff.

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