Date: 6th June 2013 at 3:32am
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Wayne Rooney

Nike may have to do a bit of photoshopping should Wazza leave

Nike launched the new 2013/14 Manchester home kit yesterday with Wayne Rooney taking centre stage in the promotional pictures.

While that hardly guarantees Rooney will be at Old Trafford next season, it does seem odd that Nike and indeed the club would use images of the striker posing in a United shirt if he’s making a move away from Old Trafford this Summer. Rooney’s set for showdown talks with David Moyes according to many reports in the press but it would be surprising if the two hadn’t already had some form of chat to indicate what the future holds for the former Everton star.

Moyes will no doubt be reluctant to start the biggest job in football without one of the world’s biggest names and while it’s got nothing to do with them, from a commercial point of view Nike- as well as other sponsors- will no doubt be hoping Rooney stays.

Should Rooney end up leaving Nike will have a lot of re-thinking to do over promotional shots for the 2013/14 kit, maybe featuring a new United signing, watch this space…


2 responses to “[Picture] Does This Mean Rooney Is Staying At United?”

  1. Raghu says:

    Yeah it feels like Rooney ll stay this year. As Wazza has already submitted two transfer requests i feel it would be best for United to sell him.

    But still as a United fan it feels good to have him home, even if it is for only one more season!

  2. RedScot says:

    Most certainly the media shots of Rooney in next seasons football kit means very little.
    Other than the football club are confident of retaining his services.
    I sometimes think we are referencing in rubbishing Wayne Rooney, this is Manchester United’s top fourth goal scorer in all our fabulous history.
    Blog writers who are using the article in the July 2013 issue of Four-Four-Two, pages 53 to 56 have not read the article fully.
    At no point does he say he wants out of United.
    The opposite in truth, he comes across as jovial and laughing in the manner he speaks about the football club and the future.
    442 question to Rooney,” With a record like that, does it annoy you that people still question whether you should play upfront? ”
    Waynes reply ‘Everyone has their opinion(rightly so)I think I’m capable of playing in a number of positions and I’m sure the manager will decide which he feels is the best for my country.
    Whatever he decides, I’m happy to play there.’

    442 Question,” Would that include dropping deep in front of the back four, like you’ve been doing recently for United?”
    Waynes reply ‘ No (laughs)In the years to come, that might be somewhere I could play, but I think right now I’m definitely a centre – forward.I’m after more goals.’

    At no point does he say he is unhappy at United in this Four- Four Two interview, infact the opposite.
    We have a new dynamic as we are aware with David Moyes at the helm of the football club, he will calmly and in a measured way assess in full the way forward for United for a whole range of players. Offering everyone a new opportunity to stake a claim in ‘his’ future plans.
    Before people fire off about articles and taking snippets as headlines ‘ Rooney indicates he wants out of United’ read the article in 442, slowly and in a measured way.2+2 doesn’t equal 5.
    Cheers have a good day!