Date: 11th June 2013 at 3:03am
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The internet and transfer windows often make the perfect storm of idiocy as rumours and conjecture are turned into facts and reactions at such a speed and with so much ferocity it’s enough to make me spill the tea in my official Manchester United mug. Normally the idea of a certain player coming to Old Trafford is dissected on social media long before he even gets near Manchester and we can pretty much gauge whether the fans are for or against such a signing. Now with the added factor of a new manager it seems some United fans have completely lost the plot as the reaction of some to a rumour about Phil Jagielka joining the Reds is actually quite scary. 

On Monday evening a United fan @OSullivanMUFC tweeted [as a joke]: “Anyone else just see that on Sky Sports News?! Had Phil Jagielka to #MUFC in the breaking news bar for about 5 seconds and then vanished!”

By and large the tweet was ignored or laughed at by a lot of Reds but the scary part wasn’t the amount who fell for it, after all stranger things have happened, but their reaction to the ‘news’:

Who says United fans aren't patient?

Who says United fans won’t give the new gaffer a chance ?

Of course not all United fans are ready to crucify our new manager over one ‘alleged’ signing we don’t agree with but  it doesn’t bode well for Moyes’s chances of being given time by a lot of Reds judging by the severely over the top reaction to a rumour we saw last night.

The main hope is that like much of what we see on social media, the reaction wasn’t a true indication of the thoughts of the majority of United fans, after all in the past we’ve seen “Fergie Out” tweets following a draw at home to West Bromwich Albion. Let’s just hope next time there’s a rumour, a signing we don’t agree with, or God forbid an actual defeat, we don’t see United fans killing themselves or anyone else for that matter.

Will Moyes be given time by United fans? Does he need to hit the ground running? Has life under Sir Alex made us impatient?

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16 responses to “[Picture] Looks Like Moyes Can Forget About Being Given Time”

  1. Mark says:

    Jagielka is going nowhere. Believe it or not, not every player wants to play for you. I find these tweets heartening, if half your fans think this way, Moyes is screwed and ManU are in for a few years of mediocrity similar to Arsenal/Chelsea. Brilliant.

    • TheCANTONA says:

      lol so u think jagielka would refuse a chance to play for man united? lol seriuosly dude, u can take and shove jagielka up ur arse we dont need him anyway. as for reaction from some section of united fans clearly that was embarrassing, but well all clubs have some section stupid fans. still there are lot of sane reds out there.

      • Mark says:

        Jagielka woild turn down man u. because, believe it or not, he likes the club he is at, and has loyalty. also he may not want tp be part of the impending moyes train wreck. You’ll be fine anyway with your permanent sick notes Ferdinand and vidic, i personally think you are all shitting yourselves. P.S. Did you honestly just call me “dude”? Those American owners are really rubbing off on you lot aren’t they……

        • TheCANTONA says:

          yeah jagielka would turn us down, like fellaini who isnt afraid to speak his mind to follow moyes to United, right? and yes our permanent sick notes rio and vidic still far better than your suposed best defender jagielka, and yes the americans robs us but still we have (a lot) more money than u 2 scouser clubs combined. goodluck with relegation threat next season, eh?

  2. jack says:

    Ill give him a chance. But signing jagielka is chance wasted. The guy is average an we don’t need a CB. In fact if anybody is signed from everton ill be pissed !!

  3. Lexxy says:

    To be brutally honest! Moyes has to hit the ground running. And must show ambitions with his signings, or else I really do fear for him.

  4. Mike says:

    This isn’t about giving Moyes time. A Jagielka signing would be horrendous for United. We all know Jagielka chokes at the biggest of stages. And we have Jones, Evans, Rio and Nemanja! Not to mention Michael Keane, Tom Thorpe who are all very good up and coming center halves. Smalling is also in the frey. Buying Jagielka will be confirming what the critics say, that Moyes is actually scared by the new responsibility he’s just been given and is looking for his comfort zone in buying the whole Everton backbone including staff, to make his time easier at Old Trafford. But I’m telling you right now that that will be his first class direct ticket to the shortest managerial career at Old Trafford! Period! Man up Moyes! Leave Everton alone, you’re in the big leagues now, enjoy it and embody it while you still can!

  5. Kieno says:

    Please give me one single example of where or when “Jagielka chokes at the biggest of stages”? If you think the Manchester Untied defense is good enough as is, you’re in la-la-land. Jagielka didn’t get to be an England international by being “average”

    • fez says:

      Erm yeh he did, in fact all of englands defenders bar Cole, Baines and Jones are ‘average’.

      Look Everton are a great club and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jagielka didn’t want to leave you.

      However, the point is he isn’t good enough for the highest level which United play at. United have world class CH’s in Vidic and Ferdidnand, there is no stronger pairing in Europe and every club in the world would want either of them so we are blessed there.

      Then there is Phil Jones and Johnny Evans who are both improving all the time and looking like fantastic prospects. Then stepping up from the Academy Michale Keane and Tom Thorpe both look a bit special themselves. There is also Smalling as well.

      Uniteds central defense is not a problem area and with all due respect signing Jagielka would not improve us there at all.

      In fact I don’t really see any Everton Players who would improve us. I rate Baines but he isnt that young anymore and Evra was fantastic again last year.

      • Jd says:

        Jones is shite lad wouldn’t swap jagielka for him just another over rated Man U player same with smelling cleverly wellbek

        • TheCANTONA says:

          yes forgetting the facts that jones is 21 y.o while jagielka is 31. good scouser…

    • TheCANTONA says:

      “Please give me one single example of where or when “Jagielka chokes at the biggest of stages”? If you think the Manchester Untied defense is good enough as is, you’re in la-la-land. Jagielka didn’t get to be an England international by being “average””

      LoL, so milner and ashley young are world class then…

      • Mark says:

        Yes, you’re debt is far more impressive than ours. Like a student with a new credit card, manc rich. You obviously haven’t actually watched Jagielka, among best cbs in the country. Ferdinand and Vidic are always injured so how can they be the best in Europe??? (that comment was priceless……) Jones is unproven as is Evans. Your defence is not watertight by any stretch. “Isn’t good enough for the highest level”… ? honestly you lot are away with the fairies. In fact, check you stats pal, we conceeded 3 less goals than you last season overall… On that evidence we must have the “best pairing in Europe” then!! Fellaini may go, but he is just one of those footballers that will look …. Like Ronaldo, tevez and of course shrek. So long partner, totally tubular dude etc etc

  6. Jd says:

    Manc cunts

  7. Davey Blue says:

    Genuinely shocked at how highly rated Jones is by United fans.

    In the same article as Jagielka is referred to as ‘average’.


  8. Peter says:

    Hello everyone,

    It was a joke……Let’s now talk about something that is actually happening….