Date: 4th June 2013 at 3:54am
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Will we see Ron at Old Trafford again?

Will we see Ron at Old Trafford again?

News that Jose Mourinho has joined Chelsea is probably the most unsurprising managerial announcement since it was revealed David Moyes won’t be keeping Mickey Phelan on the United coaching staff.

Let’s not make any bones about it though, the self-styled Special One knows how to make teams tick – usually- and certainly delivered the goods in his last stint at Stamford Bridge. The question is with a huge budget at his disposal, a strong squad and the adulation of the fans is Mourinho set to bring the title to West London?

United finished well ahead of Chelsea last season, but that was with Sir Alex at the helm and without Jose in charge of the Pensioners so there may be a few nervous glances going round Old Trafford at the moment, or maybe there’s just a sense of anticipation.

The idea of Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Old Trafford seems so far-fetched that I’m almost loathe to suggest it, after all the Madrid President has stated he won’t sell the ‘World’s second best player. ‘ There’s also the small matter of Ronaldo’s transfer fee, an astronomical one which the Reds would have little chance of regaining if they sold him on as he’s not that far off his thirties.

Let’s just allow ourselves to dream for a few moments though- and it may well just be a dream- and imagine that someone in the Old Trafford hierarchy, be it Sir Alex Ferguson, David Moyes, or the board see re-signing Ronaldo as a real possibility. Could it really happen? There’s reports that both Nike and Chevrolet are willing to stump up at least a large part of the cash such is Ronaldo’s earning power for the club should he return. As for Perez well he’s hardly likely to suggest his star player is leaving and there are reports emerging from Spain that the winger may have rejected Madrid’s initial new contract offer- his current deal has two years to run.

There’s also the fact that Ronaldo isn’t as adored by Madrid fans as he is in Manchester and like him or loathe him there’s no denying the man’s ego and it wouldn’t be too surprising if that alone was enough to make him want to return to United. Chelsea have even been touted as a possible club for Ronaldo but the problem may actually lie in Mourinho who’s alleged to have a frosty relationship with his former star player.

Admittedly there’s a lot of conjecture when it comes to Ronaldo’s future – after all only God knows where he’ll end up eh- but there’s enough little signs to at least allow us to dream just a little……

Will it happen? Am I mad to suggest it? Can we get just a tad excited? Answers below in a disorderly fashion please:


15 responses to “‘Ronaldo To United’ More Than Just A Dream?”

  1. Raghu says:

    I think Ronaldo’s return would be crazy to suggest but as a true united fan i would certainly love to see that. I hope SAF talks to him and offers him a deal he cant refuse!!

    • sid says:

      Fergie has retired so do u mean moyes

      • Aussihopper says:

        Retired? you must be joking, all Fergie has done is moved upstairs, if Ronnie does come back you can bet your bottom dollar that Fergie will still be involved in some way as a friend or advisor,
        and don’t forget Christiano Ronaldo has seventy-five thousand
        friends at Old Trafford, as well as many more thousands around the World.

    • sid says:

      Fergie has retired so do u mean moyes.

  2. ty says:

    To me it can happen given the support of nike and chevrolet… it is better we go 4 other young quality players @ d cheaper price

  3. Real headcase777 says:

    Bloody hope so

  4. Tom says:

    He is coming home!

  5. sunday akpan says:

    If ronaldo return to old traffort that will be a suprise to fans like me.

  6. cyruscruz says:

    CR7 return gonna be a great boost 4us ……moyes pls tryna bring him back..

  7. Rofem Ernesy says:

    I personally will love to see CR7 in utd shirt.

  8. Chudi says:

    All the signs are pointing to it. Join me in prayer!

  9. akuratse says:

    comming of ronaldo to utd is the best solution of utd, even we the fans were raddy to contrubut money for buying of ronaldo back.