Date: 2nd June 2013 at 3:23am
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The Carrick fan club has grown to Scholes like proportions.

The Carrick fan club has grown to Scholes like proportions.

We’ve all heard the chant, arguably the most popular one to be sung by Reds in recent months, so popular in fact that even Micah Richards was caught on camera singing it, while Chelsea have bastardised it into their own unoriginal version. 

One of the reasons it’s hard to believe it’s not Scholes is the fact that Carrick has had seven seasons- well six and a half technically- playing alongside the Ginger Genius which cannot have harmed his ability to pick out a pass. It’s similar to the way so many of the class of ’92 benefitted from just being around Eric Cantona for a few seasons- genius rubs off on those willing to learn.

Carrick has just enjoyed his best ever season for the Reds- although some may argue 2006/07 was even more impressive- and there’s little doubt that he’s honed some of his passing skills by playing alongside Scholes for so long. There’s no reason to think that Carrick can’t be at the heart of United’s midfield for at least another two seasons, maybe even three or four despite the fact he turns 32 next month. After all Carrick’s game isn’t based on pace- its about quick thinking not legs- and he seems to take care of himself. When United do decide to replace Carrick they need to  find someone who’s as disciplined as an army veteran, has the vision of a chess master, the speed of thought of a fighter pilot and the calmness of a buddhist- hardly an easy mix to find.

One idea that may help Carrick’s successor is a prolonged run in the side alongside or at least rotating alongside the man himself. Just as the former Spurs man learned from Scholes over the years, so could Carrick’s successor during the next two or so seasons.

Some people may think Tom Cleverley is the heir apparent to Carrick’s throne, while arguably a few more see that successor yet to arrive at Old Trafford, which means United need to act now to bring someone in to lean his trade from the man he’s charged with succeeding.

Taking over from Michael Carrick won’t be easy but if the Reds bring in a midfielder who can do a job now as well as learning from the man himself, then it may not be as difficult as many of us fear.


8 responses to “Time To Start Thinking About Carrick’s Replacement?”

  1. geeboi says:

    ι̥ think †ђξ successor of carrick should be thiago alcantera, that’s why Moyes is going out for him, united also went for him last summer,ђε is young, can pass, can create chances.. He’s all technical game is cool.. ι̥ really like him..

  2. Billz says:

    Yeah let’s buy abroad again like every other club. No look at England right nw they are crap n it breaks my heart. We need some youth to break through and make em English…….. I have a perfect candidate nt straight away maybe 1more or 2 seasons to develope and that is nick powel he is a power house at 18 he plays with both feet can score with both aswell good in the air and very strong.

    • karan says:

      id rather prefer tunnicliffe for his hes got an every for a pass, certainly a good tackler and is already starting to look a hell of a player…and as far as scholes is concerned…we dont have to look further than powell, petrucci and januzaj…i think all three of them fit the bill to take the mantle from him…

  3. Tom says:

    Carrick still has some years left in the tank, but I agree that action needs to be taken to protect the future.

    I have faith that Moyes will perform well in the transfer market. The players he signed for Everton were very good and some were bargains as well.

    I think the key with Moyes is thst he won’t make the obvious signings. He will look outside the box. We are linked with the same players all the time, like Alacantra and Strootman, but there is a lot if quality out there in ither countries.

    Fernando of FC Porto is a top midfielder, as is Pauliniho of Corinthians, but we haven’t been linked with them yet. The same goes for Henrikh Mkhitaryan of Shakter, who is an impressive attacking midfielder.

    We shouldn’t forget that we have Nick Powell as well. The young man has talent and he needs football to develop next season. I can see Moyes focusing on developing the young midfielders players like Powell and Januzaj.

  4. Euan says:

    Don’t forget about Nick Powell

  5. Anagafo Michael says:

    There is nothing to learn from Carrick. United should buy a midfielder of the caliber of Xavi, Iniesta, Yaya Toure etc who can give us the creativity we desire if United wants to be among the best in Europe.

  6. Nige says:

    Please, not Cleverley. Nice loyal guy and all that and a neat player on his day, but nowhere near good enough.

  7. Andrew Wekesa says:

    Ilkay Gündogan is Carrick’s heir apparent… pure class!