Date: 15th June 2013 at 1:39am
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With the Summer transfer window comes a dreaded three letter acronym which can annoy, frustrate, bore and even infuriate like no other: ITK. For those who’ve been living in a box under Waterloo Bridge drunk on cheap cider for the past few years, ITK means ‘In The Know’ and these social media agitators spread their supposed knowledge- which is generally hearsay or conjecture masquerading as insider knowledge- on forums, twitter, Facebook, blogs etc, usually in a desperate attempt to gain more friends, followers, look cool or make up for a small penis size.

An ITK twitter account can generate lots of followers and admirers but usually incurs the wrath of many of us fans sick of seeing nonsense spouted about potential transfer news by people who clearly don’t have any insider info. They say every action has a reaction and in the case of many ITK it’s the internet troll who can often react bombarding them with abuse and even creating parody accounts for the purpose of ridicule. If you’ve been under Waterloo Bridge trolling is more or less abusing someone in an over-the-top, past the point of ‘harmless fun’ way on the internet. In fact internet trolls seem prevalent in many football discussions online and often attack rival fans – or even fellow ones- for reasons that are quite frankly beyond me- until now.

Thanks to this video I was sent recently by Jack Collins the internet troll and their disgusting behaviour is explained, in a simple easy to understand fashion.

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