Date: 18th July 2013 at 12:18pm
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In case you’ve been living on planet Mars for the past few days- or are still in a drunken stupor celebrating the appointment of David Moyes then you may have noticed all is not well with a certain Wayne Rooney and Manchester United.

When Rooney handed in a transfer request in 2010 many fans were split in their feelings towards him, many were angry and upset but gave him another chance, this time round though, things look very different. ┬áBelieve me these were the most child friendly tweets we could find…

It seems the overwhelming majority of Reds have turned against Rooney with the interweb awash with abuse for the striker- some even going as far as to tweet him and his wife insults- an exercise in idiocy if ever we’ve seen one. Whether it’s Chelsea or not there seems to be no way back for Rooney from this.


24 responses to “[Picture] United Fans Turn On Rooney”

  1. Fidelis E. says:

    Rooney should Stay @ oldtraford, Moyes ‘s statement Against Rooney was not Good if He realy mean it, But in the other hand, I think it was for Rooney to Put more Effort in his play , Becus He have already said He want to bring de best out of Rooney. Sir Alex Ferguson in his time have also told Rooney in 2011 when Babertov was scoring Goals that He (Rooney) does not deserve a new deal but still playing him. so this one should not be Different.