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Is the worth as much as Rooney?

David Moyes could be set for one of the busiest periods any new manager of a club has ever had as not only does the former Everton boss have to sit down with Wayne Rooney and try and bring an end to the saga that’s been surrounding him for the past few months he’s also got to try and finalise a move for Leighton Baines. 

Should Moyes fail to acquire his former left back for the alleged £10 million the Reds have submitted then the offer could be upped to £20 million. Meanwhile should Rooney and Moyes decide its bestir if the striker moved on then Arsenal and Chelsea are waiting.

The Mirror notes: Arsenal have made a £20million bid for Wayne Rooney.

The Gunners have fired the first shots in a bidding war that is sure to spark a ­response from ­Chelsea.

Jose Mourinho has Rooney at the top of his ­Chelsea wish-list, and is ­expected to make a ­counter-bid in an effort to beat Arsene Wenger to the 27-year-old’s signature.

Selling Rooney for around the £20 million mark seems a tad cheap considering his record, but when you factor in the idea of spending the same amount for a 28 year-old left back as you receive for one of the world’s biggest stars, then something just doesn’t add up. Surely United should receive more for Rooney than we pay for Baines, let’s just see how Moyes handles the situation.

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7 responses to “Rooney & Baines Fees Don’t Add Up”

  1. Noni Mouse says:

    I think a few things need to be factored in. First, you have to look at Baines value to Everton as well as his ability (it hasn’t shown any signs of decline).

    You also have to factor in that Rooney’s options are limited. He doesn’t want to leave England which in itself will lower his price considerably because the only teams that would have paid a ridiculous fee are in France.

    Add to that fact, he is not the first option for any of the English clubs because of the plethora of strikers on the market this summer. Arsenal want Higuain, Man City and Chelsea want Cavani, Liverpool want Benteke, Spurs want Villa, etc.

    What makes it worse for United is that all of those players above are paid less than Rooney. If any club is to take Rooney, they won’t pay ridiculous fees because they’ll need to fund his huge salary as well.

  2. Barrettini says:

    I think the reason for rooney’s relatively low price is the huge wage commitments that a club will have to fork out over 4-5 years.

  3. scouser says:

    you forgot to mention that baines is the best left back in the country, he’s the number one player for assists at everton and would also be the same at man u., i think that he will stay at goodison in my mind it’s not money that spurs him on but a love of the game and he’s settled at everton,

  4. fred says:

    Add £6million per year on top for the difference in his wage demands and his fee makes perfect sense. The greedy fatty.

  5. Daz says:

    What you fail to realise in this article is that a player is worth what a) a club wants to sell them for and b) what a club wants to pay for them. Also, I beg to differ on your ‘one of the world’s biggest stars’ comment. Rooney on his day is awesome but fails to deliver with very inconsistent performances, added with the disruption and negative media attention he attracts…remember, you pay for a package, not just a football player. On the other hand Baines is a model professional. He is THE best left back in England and one of the best atacking full backs in world football. He created 1/3 of Everton’s total chances last season and has CONSISTENTLY been the best performing left back for 3 seasons – statistically, not opinion. Baines would fit into any team because of his drive, hias ability, his attitude and what he offers. Rooney would have to be very selective, because his ‘style’ would only fit into a certain style of team.

    Take all this into account, I actually belive that I would pay more for Mr Baines.

  6. Jonesy says:

    Whats hard to work out about this one?. Baines isnt for sale and doesnt especially want to leave Everton…so you are trying to make ‘an offer that cant be refused’. Such an offer is not going to be a fair market price…why would Everton be interested in giving him to you for a fair price?.

    Rooney, on the other hand, doesnt seem to want to play for you anymore and has form for saying such things before!. If a player wants away then his club is in a very weak position to fight to keep him and, naturally, his price nose-dives. Unlucky.

    Tough first day for Moyesie.

  7. mike says:

    I’d love Rooney back at Everton. We could finally nail top four then if we hold onto our squad.

    no chance of that though!