Date: 9th July 2013 at 5:16am
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More twists in the Thiago saga.

Another day another twist in the Thiago Alcantara to Manchester United story, this time involving the Spanish national team manager Vncente Del Bosque. The national manager has weighed into the Thiago situation with his own advice for the young playmaker advising him to stay with the Catalan giants. 

Del Bosque noted:

“The most important thing for Thiago is that he keeps on getting games.”

“I think he would get them at Barcelona, he is held in a very high regard at the club.”

It’a not entirely surprising that a national manager who relies so heavily on Barcelona players to make up much of his squad, is keen to placate the club and favours Thiago to stay with them, but it is a little odd that he’s being so vocal. Del Bosque must surely see that the reason Thiago isn’t in the Spanish first team yet is the same reason he isn’t in the Barcelona one either, the likes of Andres Iniesta, Xavi and Cesc Fabregas are in his way.

Ultimately it may not matter what Del Bosque thinks, but most Reds will be a little disturbed that the national boss who Thiago  is naturally keen to impress has weighed in on the side of Barcelona. Let’s just hope Thiago realises it’s a lot easier to oust Anderson and Tom Cleverley from a side than it is Xavi and Iniesta. The saga continues…..


29 responses to “Thiago Alcantara Urged To Stay At Barcelona By Spain Manager”

  1. Sunrise says:

    Please u people should leave the poor boy alone. Let him make his choice, Thiagor should follow his heart.

    • Wicky says:

      This guys should infact leave Thiago alone! Can’t they let him decide?

    • barry says:

      let him go jare, who be thiago i has trusf in sergi roberto too, he has similar patern of football of xavi

  2. john says:

    Those comments weren’t really “urging” Thiago to stay though, the comments in Spanish were definitely more ambiguous than that, didn’t really talk too much about Thiago.

  3. Kevin neutry says:

    Over dependence on one club can somtimes be bad.we understand barca is better now but in the coming days who knows.Tactics normally change and people get adapted to news tactics and thereafter do what can overtake that.leave Thiago to go for a green pasture maybe he is going may make him the player he dream to be.

  4. john says:

    In fact Del Bosque said this after more comments about Xavi, saying he’s still on form & that age wasn’t a factor of consideration for the Spanish squad, Thiago wasn’t even the main point of the interview.

  5. koruz says:

    thiago should stay at barcelona because xavi is old now and he will get more playing time next season

  6. Akpan Boniface says:

    I think thiago hv the right to decide for his future.

  7. Oramu enede says:

    Yea he should follow his heart

  8. James says:

    Please the advisers leave thiago for he had desided to join manchester united.period.

  9. Fidelis E. says:

    I don’t know why this Spanish People can’t Leave thaigo to Make his own Choice !

  10. bob says:

    me fed up of man u transfers, since it started man u has never signed any good player yet her neighbors are signing from day to day, really i don’t know what is happening to ma club