Date: 5th August 2013 at 8:16am
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Chelsea have launched a second bid for Wayne Rooney that was instantly rejected by David Moyes according to the latest reports. 

Jose Mourinho has made no secret of the fact he’s desperate to land the England striker while Moyes insists Rooney isn’t for sale.

The Telegraph notes : Chelsea on Sunday night had a second bid for Wayne Rooney rejected by Manchester United.

The fee, believed to be in the region of £25 million, was instantly dismissed by United manager David Moyes, who has continually stressed the England forward will stay with the Premier League champions.

United would be foolish to hand Chelsea just the type of player they’re crying out for, not to mention the fact that handing the Blues a massive advantage in the title race before it’s even begun is hardly a good start to Moyes’ Old Trafford.

Much may depend on whether United can secure the services of Cesc Fabregas, but even if they do, allowing Rooney to join one of our title rivals could be a mistake of biblical proportions.

Expect this to rumble on……


20 responses to “Breaking: Chelsea Have Second Rooney Bid Rejected”

  1. ndinyelum ikechukwu says:

    if chelsea real want rooney they should give us mata plus 15m pounds.

  2. Nico says:

    These self centred man fans much did u buy rvp that u’re blabbing 25m to be small 4 rooney?

    • dazzle says:

      Rvp was in his last year of his contract and 2 years older than what rooney currentley is.Also man utd are not arsenal and they won’t be stupid enough to sell to a direct rival.25 million is peanuts for rooney and its not worth it

  3. Jibril says:

    Rooney @ cfc is beta option and he wil bcom the epl top goal scorer of all time

  4. REUBEN says:

    It’s can’t happen, utd can’t make that kind mistake.

  5. Ruuud says:

    Rooo ure welcome to cfc. Mata,oscar,hazard just to mention a few would at least make u a goal king something u crave for over the last decade


    SHILO, If you say that Mou should go to HELL, that means your biological father is already consumed and burnt into ashes by HELL, fool! BLUES to infinity!!!

  7. dazzle says:

    Man utd must not sell to chelsea.If they do then we are on arsenal’s level.I would rather see him rot on the bench then get sold and 25 million???Are they serious,haaaaaa

  8. Dean says:

    Mou take ur 25 million and put it were the sun don’t shine. Rooney is not for sale he will be a legend at man u. And if. Do u hear me I say if we were to sell Rooney shore not to u are chelsea