Date: 8th August 2013 at 4:03am
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Many United fans shout for one reason or another when he’s on the pitch.

Only a few days ago the media was awash with stories that Nani had been offered to Monaco after the club’s Sporting Director Vadim Vasilyev claimed:

“Nani has been offered to us”

“He is a very good player, but at the moment there have been no talks yet. We have already changed our group quite a bit and we also want to offer opportunities to our young players.”

United fans were split over whether they wanted Nani to stay with many feeling after six seasons and certain question marks remaining over his consistency- not to mention time running out on his contract, it could be time to move on.

In the recent friendly against AIK Nani was the star of the show- for half an hour- but even that cameo seems to have convinced many Reds it’s still worth giving the winger another chance.

30 minutes in a friendly doesn’t mean a lot but Nani’s performance seemed to at least get many Reds thinking, could Moyes be feeling the same?

Nani was brought off with an injury that isn’t too serious as Moyes noted:  “Nani just felt his groin tighten up and he didn’t want to take any risks. Neither did we. We thought it was safer to take him off at that time.”

Nani and Wilfried Zaha both looked lively and that could be a wing pairing that works well, you just wonder whether 30 mins in a friendly has gone any way to convincing Moyes to stick with the Portuguese winger.

Does Nani deserve a chance? Answers on a brick through the usual window- or comment below:


112 responses to “Has Nani Saved His United Career In Just 30 Minutes?”

  1. Syed Zulkifli says:

    We showed willingness to pay for world class players. Yet we seemed to overlook and underrate world class players already in the team. Something is not in order here. Nani, Anderson and chicharito are excellent players. They should be gelled to be the heart of the triangle of our attack. They are skillful and intelligent players and it is the trainers responsibility to mould them to be better. Give them more playing time and I strongly feel they will not disappoint us.

    • UTID says:

      i cant agree more… Chicarito and Nani especially… i can only remember one game of note for Andeson.. Utd v Arsenal champions league or could have been FA cup season 2008/9 i think it was. Anderson was really good that game involved with a lot and made a goal (header on in the box to another united player to score easily).. but i think Fegie didn’t like these players attitudes sometimes and hence lie in the problem

  2. Ebenezer says:

    I think nani have to stay b he is the best we have so I am sure why you want him to leave

  3. Simonia says:

    Nani can stay, he’s good

  4. jonas says:

    nani shuld stay.he is quality player and he knws to change the games bt plz moyes let looney exit at the club to gve young stars th chance.if looney wnt to go he can go and plz man utd bring cesc frabigas

  5. Colleb tumwesigye says:

    Nani is awonderfull player if heard asay in united ,k wouldnt bather to sell him

  6. Paul paterson says:

    30 min in a friendly does not make up for two years of erratic crosses, ill conceived shots and selfish play. Time to go and give Zaha the opportunity.

  7. Fitzy says:

    Why sell nani I really think with bit more game he can be one of the best wingers in the world

  8. obynodez says:

    nani must stay.his combination with zaha will be a threat in this seasons u have skilful players that can cause danger.nani has been told by his national team coach that if he don’t improve on his game that his position in the national team will be in danger.he will do well this season.

  9. utdfan says:

    YES give him a chance to play regularly but Moyes must weed out his selfish behavior and learn to pass the ball earlier.

    If he was not removed early in the Real match we could have gone thru to the semis. Fergie did not know how to maximize Nani, Anderson and Kagawa. Valencia should also be remoulded into a defensive midfielder like the role he plays in for Ecuador and we wont need Felaini. Give the youngsters like Petrucci, Lingard, Adnan and Zaha a chance.

  10. Usman says:

    Nani is one of the best players in the world although by his standard he was off form last season. But you only have to look at the to realise that he still fared better than many in terms of assists. An in form Nani is devastating for he’s one of the most dangerous players in the world.