Date:9th August 2013 at 4:19am
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Ron ruins a perfectly good headline by not signing for United…

Cristiano Ronaldo has shocked the powers that be at Old Trafford by failing to turn up for his unveiling as a Manchester United player yesterday, instead opting to spend the day playing for his current club Real Madrid. 

The Sun reported weeks ago that Ronaldo was due to be unveiled at Old Trafford on August the 8th, yet despite the paper never being wrong and a completely credible source when it comes to transfer activity the move failed the come off.

Many reasons have been cited by unnamed sources somewhere, including ones suggesting Ronaldo simply forgot he’d signed for United, or David Moyes changing the date at the eleventh hour as not to take the shine away from Rio Ferdinand’s cap selling game at Old Trafford later today.

Another reason given by thousands of people who didn’t care if they were named or not was that the story was complete nonsense and Ronaldo is no closer to signing for United than he’s ever been and will end up staying at Real Madrid this Summer.

Maybe the story was a typo….