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Players turning against Wazza?

Players turning against Wazza?

United’s dressing room has turned against Wayne Rooney over his proposed move to Chelsea according to reports, with the striker missing tphe Reds’ trip to Sweden with an alleged ‘shoulder injury.’ 

The back page of the Independent runs the story of senior United players turning against Rooney.

The Mirror also notes: Wayne Rooney is facing a players’ revolt over his attempt to force a way out of Manchester United.

Striker Rooney, a target for Chelsea, was due to fly with his team-mates to Stockholm on Monday for a return to action in a friendly against local side AIK on Tuesday night.

But, hours before the flight, he was pulled from the travelling party because of a minor shoulder injury suffered in training last week and aggravated in a behind-closed-doors friendly against Real Betis at the weekend.

Mirror Sport understands, though, that tensions are running high within the United squad, with senior players such as Rio Ferdinand, Ryan Giggs and Patrice Evra expressing their anger at the way the situation has developed.

And it seems all parties believed it was wise not to ask Rooney to take part in Tuesday’s match, given the convenience of a minor injury, when there is so much unrest between him and the rest of the players.

Sources close to the Old Trafford club have explained there is an increasing antagonism towards the England striker, with senior players “unhappy” at his stance, which they see as a blatant attempt to strengthen his own position without any regard for the unsettling effect it is having on the team.

This may be the beginning of the end for Rooney as without the full support of his team mates, it’s difficult to see how he has much of a future at the club. David Moyes may be reluctant to sell the striker to Chelsea though and Rooney may have to battle to prove his worth to the side rather than just being handed the move he desires.

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97 responses to “[Picture] United Players Turn On Rooney”

  1. Ayuel Garang says:

    His heart is set out @ Man U, let him just go to where he thinks is better than Man U. if one grass is removed from house, it can not causes the house to link.

  2. Ayuel Garang says:

    His heart is set out @ Man U, let him just go to where he thinks is better than Man U. if one grass is removed from house, it can not causes the house to link. Go Leave bye-bye .

  3. Geoffrey says:

    He must honour the club no matter who he thinks is

  4. Godson says:

    I knw rooney is goin no were,is jux fabricated lies,but my fear is consistently increasin abt de transfer saga ova rooney’s future,if he realy wnts to leave,then he should hand in a transfer request to man utd,plz u guys shud help me and tell mourinho dat rooney can neva come to stanford bridge no mata how much they wnt to spend on his head,lastly David shud play rooney in his desired role before rooney quits man utd by force

  5. koller says:

    they should let him live the team because he is not bigger than the team MANUTD.

  6. mohammed farouk says:

    Let rooney go if he so wish Beckham,ronaldo are all great players,they left the club for another Man U still suggestion is,he shouldn’t be sold to any english rather in a lower club else where even at a cheap rate.

  7. Xtian Austine says:

    Hahaha is just funny, no 1 will be able to manage Man utd except Sir Alex, this is just de begining. Pls Let Rooney come chelsea where he can play full time, dnt 4gt Daddy Mourinho is back, dat means war evry wia in England. Up bluez. We are waiting for the new season to began.

  8. Ali says:

    Can somebody answers the following questions for me and other:
    1. Does anybody know if there is a release clause in WR contract?
    2. What would happen if WR says he wants to leave MU and want to join Chelsea only?
    3. Will it be feasible and wise to keep WR with the reserve team for the next year if the worst come i.e. he does not want to go abroad.? Remember Chelsea did the same to F Malouda last year though the situation was slightly different and had only one year left in his contract while WR has 2.

  9. bola(bb london) says:

    Moyes is a stupid & useless coach, he came to man united to cause havoc, he as already reduce the value of ROONEY, no need of pleading, let him go any where he decide to go, even if it is CHELSEA allow him go””””””””’mother fucker

  10. abioye kazeem says:

    Let rooney go, his is not our best player………..Moyes i know u ll deliver by God grace buy another good striker and mid-feilder. God will be with man u ?