Date: 22nd September 2013 at 9:28am
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Will the winger ever fully silence his critics?

He may not be the most popular player among Reds but you’ve got to hand it to Ashley Young’s desire when it comes to winning trophies at United.

The former Villa and Watford winger has revealed he’s set his sights on winning as much silverware as possible, even aiming at all four trophies available to David Moyes’ men.

Young told the Star:

“We all have that hunger and desire to succeed and look back at the end of the season and say we won this trophy and that trophy.

‘It can be looked upon as being greedy but we are greedy because we want to win all four trophies this season.

‘People can say we are the ‘Greedy Bunch’ and, in the hunt for honours, that is correct because it’s precisely what we are.”

‘The new manager came in at the start of the season and told us that he wanted to win all of the four competitions we are in.

‘He has the same winning mentality as every one of our players has and the fact is that we want to win every single competition.

‘We don’t just want to take part in them all – we definitely want to go out there and win the lot. We want four trophies at the end of the season.’
Fans may criticise Young’s methods to win United games- he was even booed by small sections of the crowd against Leverkusen following ‘diving-gate’ but if the Reds lift anywhere near the silverware the winger covets then maybe all will be forgiven.


5 responses to “Ashley Young Labels Team Mates ‘Greedy’”


    Young should try and change his method of game by not been involve in diving, because i don’t see any Utd player participating in that ideal. We should try and win against City whicch may definitely define the title, urging Moyes to select the best starting xi against this crucial fixture. “We ‘re One United and same Old United”

    Hopefuly, this season will be more great than last season.


    Win against City is very very crucial and hopefuly we can triumph the Citizens, we have the great potentials to clinch that as far our Rooney and Rvp is concerend nothing spoil!

  3. Chris says:

    Get ’em trouphies man utd…. Lets do it today against city

  4. Anagafo Michael says:

    Against City we need steel in the middle of the pack and speed in the wings. Ferdinand, Carrick, Welbeck, Cleverly and Young will not fit in. If DM wants to keep pace with the rest of the chasing pack, then this game is a must win.

  5. kegawa krew says:

    young RUBBISH fergie only signed ashley cos he give good head