Date: 23rd October 2013 at 4:25pm
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Fergie cited Martin Jol has a huge influence on his FA cup tactics

If you watched any news channel yesterday, you would have read most of Sir Alex’s new autobiography as so much was revealed.

However, here a few topics of discussion the media miss out…

Fergie on hitting David Beckham with the boot:

We’d just lost against Arsenal and I was fuming. Mikael Silvestre was stood in front of me and I just kept thinking ‘how big is that head?’ Everyone was angry. Fabian Barthez couldn’t find his razor to shave his head and was cursing in French. Paul (Scholes) was explaining to Wes (Brown) that we’d actually lost the match, but David (Beckham) didn’t seem interested. He was complaining about not having signal to call Victoria. At that point I just lost it, I kicked the boot to the right to create space as Mikael was stood in front of me, and I’m no Roberto Carlos, put my laces through it and hit David in the forehead. Before I could celebrate with Carlos (Quieroz), Rio jumped out from behind Mikael with Fabian’s razor and began shouting ‘You just got merked, bro.’ But the damage had been done. David was rolling around on the floor and I knew it was the end for him.”

On Liam Miller:


On Bebe:


On missing out on top players:

“I was desperate to sign Shaun Goater, but City wouldn’t sell. I even considered offering them Solskjaer.”

On a successor to Ryan Giggs:

“We told Kieran Richardson he would be Ryan’s replacement and that we’d offer him a six-year contract. I thought it would be funny at the time, but, in hindsight, it was a cruel joke. I didn’t learn my lesson though, hence why I had to stick with David (Moyes) in the end.


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