Date: 26th October 2013 at 3:39am
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The former foes are now best buddies. Sort of.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has claimed that Sir may return to football as soon as six months from now, despite the former United boss insisting he is happy in retirement.

Speaking about Sir Alex’s recently released Wenger admitted he hadn’t read it but more tellingly insisted his former adversary could make a comeback a lot sooner than people think.

Wenger noted:

R;In six months we will know more about that.

R;You cannot rule it completely out. It is difficult to take a drug for 30 years and suddenly get rid of it.

Whether that return would be as manager of Manchester United, Wenger didn’t say, but it seems highly unlikely that regardless of the under David Moyes, Ferguson would make such a dramatic u-turn, going back not just on a promise to his wife but also his support of the new manager.

has one of the safest jobs in management as he has the full support of Sir Alex who undoubtedly still carries a huge influence at the club and wouldn’t want to see United become the sort of team that operate something of a revolving door policy when it comes to management.

Sir Alex involved in a football job outside of Manchester United seems unthinkable and he’s not going to return to the dugout so this looks more a case of Wenger making an off the cuff remark more than anything substantial.