Date: 3rd November 2013 at 3:52am
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Sascha Riether stamping on the ankle of Adnan Januzaj

Adnan Januzaj produced another superb performance for United on Saturday, as Fulham struggled to cope with the talented winger’s skills. Januzaj had to endure some tough challenges all day, but Sascha Riether took it a step too far with a malicious stamp on the teenager late in the game, which could’ve ended his career.

That may sound a tad melodramatic but take a close look at the Fulham man’s actions and make your own mind up. One thing’s for sure, with the referee Lee Probert seemingly oblivious to the challenge, the FA could decide to take retrospective action against Riether and if they do then the defender could end up with a lengthy ban.

The stamp infuriated team mate Marouane Fellaini who was near to Januzaj when it happened and seemed set on taking on the entire Fulham side at one point, although thankfully he didn’t. The last thing Fellaini needs is a red card and the last thing Januzaj needs are ridiculous challenges like this.

Picture courtesy of Pride Of All Europe


39 responses to “[Picture] Januzaj Suffers Career-Threatening Stamp”

  1. Adnan Januzaj says:

    It wasn’t my fault to be manager’s first choice of united starting XI, although i and Fellaini got angry about the tackle but it will never stop me from working hard for the team.

  2. Unitedprince says:

    That tackle was harsh,
    I think he sh0uld be punished f0r try t0 break januzaj’s leg intenti0nally.

  3. Adnan Januzaj says:

    Thanks fans for your support and rating on my football partern, i promise you all to bring you the best i can.

    • derek uzor says:

      keep the nice pieces of play
      you can win ballon dior in the very near future
      i can see it

  4. roy keane says:

    Roy Keane #ShortMemory

  5. Angu says:

    Riether deserved a straight red and am suprised how could the ref and linesman both missed that nasty challenge.

  6. olaniran says:

    the tackle was so bad which FA should do something about. Such a player should be barned and fine

  7. John says:

    Fulham fan here. That challenge looks horrendous and Reither should be banned. Let’s hope Jol gets banned for being utterly inept as well.

  8. george Okolie says:

    That was a terrible challenge, its suppose 2 b a straight Red n a lengthy ban 4 him cos he went 2 far. After kicking him he still went on 2 stamp on his ankle. Its only dat other football fan will see it d other way bcus of sentiment, they’ll say its FA team or even say PDP team. ADNAN don’t worry, God is with u. If d FA or Referee will com out n say there’s no foul in dat tackle, it shows dat english league is full of partiality. I hope Rooney will team up with RVP n stop his selfish interest. He give d ball 2 Nani or Valencia so that dey’ll cross d ball 2 him wen he gets into d penalty area instead of passing d ball 2 RVP or Chicharito wen he is playing alongside with him. Nani n Valencia prefers crossing 2 Rooney n don’t like crossing 2 RVP or Chicharito. I’ll also want d midfielders 2 shoot 4rm outside d 18 yard box n go 4 goal. Dats option b if passing 2 strikers is becoming a problem, d opponent defence knw we have deadly strikers dats y dey sit in d defence so option b is to shoot 4rm outside d box 2 unlock d defence. I hope moyes will read all dis comments dat fans make so he can learn.

  9. Adewale Alex says:

    Dat tackle was bad dat guy sh0uld be punished f0r try t0
    break januzaj’s only star man u have 4 now leg

  10. KING says:

    thanks junuzaj i see ronaldo in you.. Hope you can bring our number 7 back.