Date: 23rd January 2014 at 3:37am
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De Gea –  Had nothing to do ’till the last minute of the game and ended up costing his team with a devastating error. 2

Rafael –  Threw in numerous rash challenges all game and, on another day, could have cost us from the resulting freekicks. Offered little else. Missed his penalty. 3

Evans – Scored what should have been the winner, and actually had a decent game. 5

Smalling – Shaky at points but impressive in others. He made some strong tackles and impressive aerial clearances. 5

Büttner – How this clown is allowed to walk out at Old Trafford in a United shirt is beyond me. He doesn’t know the first thing about defending. 2

Januzaj – Every time he picked up the ball he would slalom passed the opposition or play one of our players in. Disappointing penalty though. 6

Carrick – Failed to dictate them game and offered very little going forward. Injured late on and replaced. 4

Fletcher – Struggled to get a foot in the game and keep up with the tempo. Scored a lovely penalty. 5

Kagawa – The more I want to see him perform well, the more it hurts to see him play so badly. Couldn’t do anything right. 2

Welbeck – Ran a lot but without any really direction or quality when on the ball. Missed his penalty. 3

Hernandez – Covered a lot of ground but his touch was off all game. Scored a great goal but missed a few too. 5


Valencia – Took far too long on the ball when crossing and even then, his crosses were appalling. 5

Evra – Added a bit more steal once he replaced that clown Büttner. Hardly saying much though. 6

Jones – Lost whatever little grip we had on the game the moment he came on. Took an embarrassing penalty too. 2


David Moyes – Given the circumstances, I can understand the side he picked and why he was unable to go for a more attacking approach. Injuries meant that our bench was weak and we couldn’t really change much once the game had kicked off, which means we had to get it right first time, and we didn’t. Getting dominated in midfield by the worst side in the league at home is just not on. I could go on a long ran but I’m a bit devastated so I’ll just leave it here. Shambles. 3

Referee – Nothing to report. 6


6 responses to “Player Ratings: United v Sunderland: DDG Costs Reds Derby Final Chance”

  1. GeordiesArentGoingToWembley says:

    yep you were shite, shiter than ‘the worst team in the league’ and when your shiter than the shitest you lose,making you the brand new shitest team.

  2. khan says:

    Are you a f-ing retard???
    Kagawa 2??????
    He was the best attacker in the first half and created more than a few chances, add to that utd played better when he when behind the striker and played much better football.
    Did you even watch the game???????

  3. khan says:

    Moyes was an idiot for taking him off, that is where we lost the game and all control of the match

  4. flabba says:

    bit biased on Januzaj dont you think????considering how selfish he was & that by his own standards, it was a low game..played some neat football though and created that chance for Chicha…would give him a 4

  5. Hashim Mustafa says:

    Chicho should have given him a 1. Every first touch was appalling including the one leading to their goal. He missed a sitter. He didn’t have the bottle to take a penalty, injured or not, he would be better than Rafeal or Jones.

    Valencia deserves a 1 as well. Had no bottle to take a pen and still can’t cross to his team mate even when he is inside the 6 yard box.

    Fletcher deserved a 7. Only player with guts and ran all day

  6. Paul Mottershead says:

    Evans was shocking! His distribution out of defence was some of the worse I’ve seen from a centre back at Utd in 40 odd years of watching the team. Smalling was our best defender by a country mile. Brown and O’shea showed us how to defend with grit and determination and were far more organised.