Date: 20th January 2014 at 3:47am
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De Gea – The poor kid has done very little wrong this season but has kept on conceding game after game, with him being unable to stop any of them. 6

Rafael – Started very strongly and linked well with Valencia down the wing but was caught out after moving to left-back. Should have seen red after a stupid challenge. 4

Vidic – A mixed day for Nemanja as he showed some good defending alongside a lot of, well, ‘not so good’ defending. Unlucky to be sent off, maybe. 4

Evans – Left asking a lot of questions from many fans. Love the kid but his form this season has been patchy to say the least, with today in particular being a real stinker. 3

Evra – If only Patrice was as good at defending as he is when answering questions in the media. Left hapless yet again today, but that’s a given nowadays. Went off injured soon after. 3

Valencia – Enjoyed watching him in the first half, which is the first time I’ve ever said that over the last two seasons. Played some lovely one-touch stuff with Rafael but both lacked the final ball. 6

Carrick – Good pass here, an alright pass there, but just a lot of mediocrity. Wasn’t Michael supposed to turn good again after Xmas? We’re still waiting.. 4

Jones – Rushed back from injury, and boy did it show. Allowed Eto’o to waltz passed him for the first and disappeared completely soon after. 3

Young – I’m not sure if it’s my fault, or Ashley’s, but I’ve literally only just noticed he was playing today after rechecking the team-sheet. I had no idea he was even on the pitch. 2

Januzaj – Even he couldn’t save us today. 5

Welbeck – Isolated up front but maybe, possibly, could have done better with the pass-back that landed at his feet. The same incident could’ve won a penalty too. 5

Smalling – Shocked to see that he didn’t come on and win us the game. 5

Hernandez – He loves playing Chelsea, this kid. And I love him too. 7

David Moyes – We started off really positively but were unlucky conceding the first. We continued to play our passing game, something which has not existed all season, and it nearly paid off too. The truth is that we played very well in the first half but only managed to create a chance to ‘create a chance’, if that makes sense. Essentially, the final ball was always missing and it cost us dearly. After the second went in though, it was all over and we reverted to our amazingly successful tactic of crossing the ball in from outside to no one in particular, with us managing to reach a United play four times from a total of twenty-five crosses – exceptional. It was a shame to see us go back to our usual pathetic football after such a promising start, but as I’ve said all along, I don’t blame Moyes for it. He came out, tried to play good football, but as the saying goes, “you can’t polish a turd”.

If he’s having to pick from a midfield of Carrick, Jones and Cleverley every week, what are we really expecting him to do? This side needs major, major investing and the Glazers need to be held responsible rather than the manager. A team doesn’t turn shite overnight, but instead it’s a slow and painful regression that has taken numerous years to unfold and only now are the cracks appearing without Sir Alex’s incredible wizardry at the helm. Yes, we won with Fergie but even then, those last few years, we played some shockingly bad football too. I’m not saying I think David is the right man for the job, and I’m not saying he’s untouchable, but I really feel that he’s just a small problem we have relative to the real issues taking place in the club. 5

Referee: Some arguing that Welbeck should have won a penalty but I feel the claims are a bit weak, although you do see them given. Shocking decision to send Nemanja Vidic off though, and even more bizarre was him keeping Rafael on after a horrible two-footer. To sum things up, he was a bit s**te. 2


7 responses to “Player Ratings: United vs Chelsea – Even Januzaj Can’t Save Poor United”

  1. paschal says:

    Valencia was pure shite! He’s the worst thing to happen to man utd. He can’t even beat his man, he can’t even deliver a cross! Pls someone should tell me how that overweight pig keeps starting every game for us. He has nothing to offer. Its time him, young and cleverley left..they are not creative and foolish moyes keeps playing them! Pls, someone should beg that albino called moyes to give the younger generation a chance..Nick powell, fabio ,lingard , Zaha..pls

    • Ian says:

      Whilst i agree Valencia has been far from his best these last few seasons. You can hardly call him overweight. The guys built like a brick wall.

  2. akash says:

    Bad selection its moyes fault. We will not lift title don’t give stupid comment moyes.

  3. Rob Macgregor says:

    All I can say is that Moyes is a genius.He has lulled City,Arsenal,Chelsea,Everton,Liverpool,Spurs and Newcastle into thinking we are out of the title race, but he let it slip at the end,that we are still in it.
    And resting Kagawa for the Sunderland game……sheer brilliant………Did Onetrik Yong get 2 for his brilliant statue pose during the first goal……..Moyes,Fellaine and Young….thank you for the comedy……..

    • Rob Macgregor says:

      P.S… case Moyes does not get it…..I was being sarcastic…………..Now all we need is for Hull to beat us,and that will be the first time a club managed by an ex-player beats us………….Yes another Moyes record!

  4. Uche chukwuma says:

    SACK is d answer 2 UNITED problem. D manager isn’t gud at al let alone gud enough. Anoda name 4 moyes is DESTRUCTION,yes he is a curse 2 UNITED n a hrtbrk 2 we united fans. Disgusted idiot!!!

  5. Anagafo Michael says:

    The records keep falling under David Moyes and will continue until someone wakes up from his slumber and fire him. Why keep paying an enemy to destroy United? Moyes is an enemy of progress. I cant stomach him anymore.