Date: 17th January 2014 at 5:59pm
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Yes!! Ando’s gone…

One of my favourite memories, if not my very favourite was the time Steve Bruce scored a late headed brace to all but hand the inaugural Premier League title.

I was 13 at the time, and me and my mates had failed in our attempts to get a ticket, so simply entered for the last 15 minutes when they opened the gates to let everyone out. During those time and throughout my teens tickets were usually affordable and obtainable- although not that day- costing a reasonable £4 for the scoreboard paddock in the early to mid-nineties.

Since then ticket prices have increased to the point where for the average fan at over the age of 16 £40 is roughly what you can expect to pay.

The problem is too many teenagers are being priced out, the future of our club’s support are slowly being priced out, with recent stats showing the average age of at in the low 40s. It’s time to do something about that and making an area where teenage can enjoy ticket prices lower than the usual, seems a step in the right direction.

We’ve always prided ourselves on our strong local fan base and now as we enter a period that may not be trophy-laden, is not the time to turn our back on the very life blood of the club.

pull out all the stops to entice young fans, it’s time did too. If you agree sign the e-petition below:

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