Date: 17th February 2014 at 4:11pm
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Manchester manager may be struggling to win on the pitch, but when it comes to sponsorship deals he’s having no problem scoring.

The Red Devils made history in 2012 when they signed the world’s most expensive sponsorship deal with Chevrolet for a record breaking £357 million and have recently signed a deal with iconic aperitif, Aperol.
These deals highlight the trend of sports franchises signing with companies that don’t necessarily relate directly to the brand, such as sponsors like Adidas and Nike and it also sheds light on the incredible advertising potential these teams offer.

The online industry has taken notice of the massive audience a sports sponsorship attracts and casino and sports betting logos splashed across football shirts and stadiums have become increasingly commonplace. Bwin currently reserves the honour of being Manchester ’s official online gaming and betting partner, but there are that other betting sites are vying for a spot on the Red Devils shirts.

A mobile site like would only benefit from the exposure it received from being emblazoned across a Manchester United shirt, as the franchise’s games are beamed out across the globe, creating international exposure for a brand that is accessible to people across the world.

At this stage the are completely unconfirmed but there are now a total of 5 English Premier League Clubs that have casino sponsorships and the number looks set to grow. Manchester United is one of the world’s most popular teams so it’s not surprising there has been talk of other casino brands wanting to add their names to player’s jerseys.
The English and Scottish ’s have also signed sponsorships with online gaming institutions and bookmakers. Several small clubs have inked deals with casino brands as it not only benefits the casino; it brings in much needed capital with which they can build their team.

Manchester United is worth an estimated £2,018 million and as Bwin has found, the exposure offered via sponsorship is simply enormous. It makes sense that other casino and betting sites will target Manchester United, as many football wager on their favourite teams and the Man U fan base is universal.

It remains to be seen whether any new casino sponsorships are in the pipeline, but men continue to be one of the most effective advertising platforms for any brand.

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