Date: 17th January 2015 at 5:54am
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The United midfielder, currently on loan at Villa Park, should know that the whole is Steven Gerrard as good as Paul Scholes debate, infuriates a lot of Reds who think, well know, the Ginger One had no equal in the midfield department- including the Liverpool skipper.

Cleverley reignited the whole argument in a recent interview:“I’ve been lucky enough to play with him [Gerrard],” Cleverley told Villa’s official website.“In fact, I’ve been lucky enough to play with the main three midfielders that everyone talks about – Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. It’s hard to split them.

“But Steven is a fantastic footballer and a terrific captain. He’s got every aspect to his game that you need to be a top midfielder. He’s good at it all and you can’t take anything away from him.

“He’s been a great player and let’s not underestimate him now.”

Cleverley should know not only is it easy to split the three aforementioned midfielders- Scholes is far superior- but any pandering to Gerrard’s already inflated ego is only going to upset United fans- although it’s doubtful he even cares anymore…


7 responses to “Cleverley’s Latest Comments Destined To Upset United Fans”

  1. mark says:

    Scholes is far superior? Fans like you are why supporters of other clubs despise us. Please stop being delusional and pay credit when it’s due. Although I hate Liverpool I will admit openly that Gerrard is a legend. He is a complete midfielder.

  2. inda says:

    he just said what he believes in ofcourse truth hurts

  3. Phil says:

    All very different players but Gerrard was the better of the three. For several seasons, he was like a real-life Roy of the Rovers, scoring 30 yard drives, swerving volleys and many superb solo goals. Scholes was a clever player playing in much stronger teams but not on Gerrards level. Lampard is a ‘right place, right time’ attacking midfielder and scored goals but is a level below both gerrard and scholes. Gerrard is the best midfielder the Premier League has seen. The end.

  4. salia sonie says:

    Cleverly is entitled to his opinions as everyone else. But there’s no midfielder since the foundation of English football like Paul Scholes. he’s the greatest English midfielder of all time. so, to me that is a non-issue.

  5. H8UTD says:

    Blinkered views as usual from Manure fans! Scholes was a terrific player, however, he was surrounded by other very good players. Gerrard has had to play with some inferior players over a long period of time, therefore, showing just how monumental he was by dragging them on to some success. Could Scholes have been so influential if the roles were reversed? No, I don’t think so. He was nowhere near as dynamic or forceful. Lampard would never have been able to do it either. For once in your sorry, tunnel visioned lives, try and give credit where credit is due and try to be objective……..though my experience of your LFC obsessed hoards, indicate that the blinkers will never be prised from your pathetic, hackeneyed, eyeballs.

  6. Samuel Ugboke says:

    when your hero is not as good as scholes then u cant be good urself…this guy is just the stupidest player ever

  7. Ayan says:

    We too don’t care anymore. He can say whatever he likes 🙂