Date: 24th January 2015 at 9:58am
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One of these players deserves more games…

Another away game, another disappointment, although last night’s draw at Cambridge United, was something of a new nadir for Louis Van Gaal’s side. While fans, pundits and the media pick over the bones of the Reds abysmal display one question that needs answering why one of his team’s most talented midfielders is failing to get the games he and the side need.

Ander Herrera cost over £25 million yet has barely had a run of games in the side since his Summer move, a fact exacerbated by the obvious need for someone with his particular skill set in the middle of the park.  Half of Herrera’s 12 league appearances this season have come from the bench- with the midfielder managing a grand total of 62 minutes in his last three league games. Last night against Cambridge again saw the former Atheltic Bilbao given less than 25 minutes to try and inspire victory- despite his best efforts it wasn’t enough.

Van Gaal is running out of excuses with some of his decisions- don’t get me started on three at the back- but one of the more baffling is still his refusal to give Herrera a proper run.


8 responses to “United Midfielder’s Absence Raises Serious Questions For LVG”

  1. kalusha says:

    thats right van gal has to do the right before its too late

  2. xharom Bansive says:

    van gaal is gambling with the team we have got gud players n he is benchin dem be serious van gaal or else quit de team leave 4 pep or giggs

  3. kelvin says:

    lvg seriously am tired of ur style of coaching y herrera on d bench oh am disapionted in u

  4. SULLO HOSEA says:

    Man u players are not comfortable in field because of the so called philosophy.this has hindered personal creativity of players.stand up and find the one system of playing and stop rotating players now and then.very boring to watch united nowdays.ooh my we are tired as funs!

  5. kafi says:

    van gaal is a good coach.but his rediculas decisions will surely costs us did season if he won’t change….Herrera n falcao need more game time… let’s HV a consistent defence pairing jons n rojo.with shaw n Valencia . blind carrick di maria Herrera Rooney n falcao be starting lineup. vpersie Wilson janzaj n Fellini be old.

  6. kafi says:

    xharom I concur with you. this is EPL and result is all that matters. i respect lvg but its tym he deploy more mid fielders than strikers. 3 strikers in a starting lineup I think is criplling the midfield. which is the heart of every team.

  7. RedMist says:

    Herrera is my favourite player now. I need to see him play; I used to trust in everything van Gaal did, but his recent decisions (3 at the back, subbing our best players off, attitude towards Falcao, biased preference towards van Persie, now Herrera situation,) are changing my view towards him. And I have a feeling that most of the fans feel this way now. He needs to do something serious and regain the trust of the fans.

  8. lavish says:

    play Herrera…nothing more or less