Date: 10th February 2015 at 12:58am
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Fletcher has a better chance of featuring for the Reds…

United’s lacklustre performance against West Ham raised more than a few doubts about Louis Van Gaal’s tactics and while much of the discussion centred on Wayne Rooney being [mis]used in midfield most of the talk was of why a certain Spaniard wasn’t used at all.

Ander Herrera’s absence has been one of the most baffling facets of Van Gaal’s time in charge, a player he supposedly sanctioned, who’s been impressive whenever he’s played and cost a large sum, being left out of the side almost regularly.

In his last press conference Van Gaal explained that there wasn’t room for Juan Mata, Wayne Rooney and Herrera in the same team, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious the former Bilbao man needs to start matches- before it’s too late.

Van Gaal is asked about Herrera at every press conference and with one taking place this afternoon, there can be little doubt the Reds boss will be asked about him again and this time simply dismissing the question may not wash. Herrera needs to start playing and if not Van Gaal needs to start justifying his absence with some better performances from the ones who do play.


10 responses to “Louis Van Gaal Set To Address The Herrera Question Today”

  1. Razah says:

    I’m sic of van gaals stupid system changing stick to a 442 diamond we play well in that FFS I knw van gaal is the right man but whys he playing rooney in midfield even I can play better their than rooney FFs play herrera play mata keep the way we plqy attractive create chances and Herrera can support blind in midfield wid his defensive abilities he needs to play the box to box role mata creates a lot their my two favourite players at United and di maria but di maria needs to play LCM Ina diamond herrera on RCM mata play No.10 rooney and falcao up top drop van persie he’s inconsistent scores a goal den won’t score for anoda 5 matches and play blind in CDM back four shaw valencia full backs and rojo jones centre backs were ready to go janujaz deserves a strt but we need mata more coz his passing abilities he’s a threat he’s clever him and Herrera are smart Spanish wizards dey need to play more fellaini is good but he’s nothing more then a impact sub for me id play him against tall oppositions my subs wud be januzaj for di maria and Wilson for falcao and fellaini for mata and dats my team

  2. lununcle says:

    We need creativity in mid-field. The fact that our strikers are not scoring is that the supplies from midfield has not been good enough. I still have faith on RVP. He is still fit and he still have that killer instinct and his finishing touch is still top class. He also plays better alongside Rooney and we should release Rooney back to the front (of course, it also depends on who we are playing against). Falcao should be dropped to reserve to gain game time. He is just too far off his best.

    Hererra? I also want to know why he is not played by LVG. Such a gifted player.

  3. brook says:

    I know

    like he also got play our best defence, our strongest defence…. Time to drop deadlegs Valencia for McNair and for heaven sakes drop that pet bastard, weakling, error prone jones before it to late

    worse df in the club history, just rubbish and needs to b dumped in the summer

    bck4 strongest line up is McNair. Evans rojo shaw

    plain simple

    also, gotta drop rvp for wilson- no brainer

  4. Dennis says:

    Dear Van gaal,despite that I respect you ,am worried y u play players who are not performing,y play Rooney midfield when he can score goal more than van persie,and falcao combined.give Herrera rooneys no and drop both strikers and play Rooney supported by Mata. Sell both strikers and buy Harry Kane ,pay him like 150,and parter them with Rooney ,Willson,and recall Keane.

  5. Abubakar says:

    I think Van Vangaal has lost it,because he has already started to be playing more like Moyes did last season playing the players out of their normal positions.

  6. Abubakar says:

    In respect of Ander Herrera Van Gaal is making a huge mistakes on not using him,he is very talented but he doesn’t seem to understand his potentials.For god sake what is wrong with Van Gaal?

  7. denish Tenye says:

    let Rooney strike with rvp or Wilson. Herrera in midfield if u don’t heed this. You will get fired before April

  8. King salem says:

    Van Gaal does’nt have any expaination to make about keeping herera on the bench. It’s obvious that he does’nt like d young man bt instead of a player of herera’s quality to leave out of fustration, then Van Gaal himself should go.

  9. Jay Thomas says:

    LVG has become Moyes successor. The pressure of getting into UEFA next season is givng him sleepless nights to a point hes losing it in choosing the first XI..

    Rooney cannot play in the position he is in. Play 4-4-2 Diamond, suits the players, come on. RVP & the Tiger play same position, drop 1, substitute one for the other after half-time. Play Rooney along side one of them, i mean Van Persie or Falcao or Wison -who’s more better than the two. Play Di Maria LCB, Herrera RCB.. Mata on #10, suits him best, he can score & create chances as well. What happened to Rafael??? He is gud at the LB and Shaw on the RB. Rojo and Paddy McNair can be our best Defenders being assisted by Daley Blind at the Centre Midfield.

    You cannot teach old dogs new tricks.. Drop Jones, Evans and Smalling. They play old stuff taught by Ferguson. LVG is good but play new lads new tricks. Otherwise, we won’t qualify for UEFA. And you know what that means: you cannot purchase super stars during the summer who will not feature on Champions League. Everyone wants to play for UEFA. There is still time LVG, follow our advice.. Be stubborn and get sacked.

  10. Don sami says:

    Van Gal is a good coach, yet he still repeats the mistakes that cost the team. People are there to play midfield, push rooney forward and let win more games and score more.