Date: 18th January 2016 at 12:22am
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Fans not happy with Klopp

Fans not happy with Klopp

It’s a funny old game as a former England striker used to remind us and no more was that evident than United’s 1-0 smash and grab win over Liverpool at Anfield.

The home side had far more chances, both on and off target yet for all their efforts it was Liverpool not the visitors left frustrated as United collected all three points thanks to a late Wayne Rooney strike. Before the game the pressure had been on Louis Van Gaal as the Reds had only one win in eight league matches had left his side struggling to maintain a title challenge, yet it was Jurgen Klopp not the Dutchman who found himself being criticised by his own fans come the final whistle.

Liverpool fans took to social media to show their displeasure at Klopp’s decision to bring on defender Steven Caulker as a makeshift striker as his side chased the game.


8 responses to “[Picture] Liverpool Fans Turn On Klopp Following United Loss”

  1. Milko says:

    Jordan Henderson “CAPTAIN” he should be on the bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Said Alwi says:

    Please dont get angry with Klopp. He is a good coach like Rodgers ……He will bring Liverpool up. Even though it will take years. Keep it up Klopp…U are nade fr Liverpool.

  3. Angry_Klopp says:

    So desperate to fabricate i order to write a story, you use tweets from a Arsenal fan.
    I suggest you learn the phrase “would you like fries with that Sir” for your upcoming career move Jay

  4. Gbsammy says:

    liverpool Fc is as useless and a bunch of disappointmet as they have always been since five seasons ago. shame on both the coach and the players.

  5. News Bot says:

    Liverpool fans must stop voicing their displeasure on social media every time their beloved club loses a game, which admittedly, is happening rather often the past two decades. Klopp, for all his idiosyncratic ways, is a true master of his trade. Playing Steven Caulker as part of their fearsome strike force is nothing unusual. Surely, had Jamie Hoofer Carragher not retired, Klopp would also have transformed the technically-deficient footballer into a fearless striker. The huge amount of goals, oops… I mean own goals, scored by the so-called legend is testament to his goal-scoring prowess. Carragher has the instinctive knack of knowing and finding the back of the net. It’s truly mindboggling and downright shocking how previous Anfield managers could have been so totally oblivious of this, including the great King-turned-Jester, Kenny Dalglish.

  6. king says:

    Klopp is looking confused daily. I don’t know why he keeps backing up miglonet when he know the goalie is worthless? The only prob liverpool has now is that goalie, defenders don’t have confidence in that keeper. Klopp change miglonet, I don’t know what you re still doing, you are looking confused everyday.

  7. anteater says:

    Remember when Rafa, whom I was critical of more than once, played Crouch week after week despite him not scoring? He eventually did score and some really important goals to. How I wish that our manager used the same strategy with Benteke, who surely hasn’t turned into a bad player over night. Play him regularly and he will score. It is nothing new that strikers strive on confidence which comes with game time.