Date: 7th August 2016 at 11:02am
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Could it all finally be over?

“And now the end is near and so we face the final curtain…” Dare we dream that the most infuriating transfer saga in recent memory could finally, finally, be coming to and end? It appears as though it just may be coming to an end with reports that Paul Pogba, you may remember him from such sagas as the weekly “Sir Alex Ferguson should’ve played me” interview and “the 2016 tour of America holiday Instagram holiday album”, is set to have a medical in Manchester today. It appears Pogba may about to become famous for playing football for Manchester United rather than being someone who used to occasionally play for Manchester United, although not enough as Sir Alex Ferguson should’ve played him more- not that Pogba likes to talk about it.

It’s often advised “not to spend money before you’ve got it” but United may already be doing that with the Sunday Times reporting the Reds will receive £40 million worth of commercial revenue that will cover more than a third of Juve’s £110 million asking price- I’ve checked the maths and it’s right, 40 is more than a third of 110, but thanks for clearing that up.

Regardless of the fees involved, the money Pogba will make the club, or the urine currently being put in a pan on a stove thanks to this deal being made, for many of us news that the French midfielder is joining United means an end to the months of boredom the constant stories about his arrival have generated.


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