Date: 10th November 2016 at 9:08am
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Erm…. wtf??

Something is rotten in the state of the United squad and Mourinho is determined to sort it out according to the latest reports. 

The Mirror notes: Jose Mourinho has warned his whole squad they must prove they are tough enough to play for Manchester United.

Old Trafford boss Mourinho delivered a no-nonsense rallying cry to all the players on the back of Chris Smalling and Luke Shaw saying they were not fit enough to play at Swansea on Sunday.

On Sunday at the Liberty following United’s convincing 3-1 win the Special One was in no mood for celebration, speaking after the game Mourinho decided to throw Chris Smalling and Luke Shaw under the bus:

“Smalling doesn’t feel that he can play 100% with his pain. Shaw told me this morning that he was not able to play.”

 “For the team, you have to do anything.”

“There is a difference between the brave, who want to play at any cost, and the ones for whom a little pain can make a difference,”

“If I were to speak with the many great football people of this team, they will say they played many times without being 100%.”

“We have players on the pitch with problems. In every sport, how many times do you play and you’re not 100%?”

“It is not just the players, but the people that surround the players,” continued Mourinho seemingly aiming his ire at anyone who dared to be in the same vicinity as his two spineless defenders.

“Yes, it takes time, but with the help of people like Phil Jones, who was playing without having even trained, Ashley Young and Wayne Rooney – with these people it will not be an impossible mission but a possible mission.”

The latest reports of Mourinho getting tough may be music to some fans ears as they grow tired of the pampered generation of stars seemingly not up to the challenge of dragging the club into the top four. Others may be concerned that the Special One is losing his temper far too often and with the spectre of the Eva Caniero spat still casting a shadow over him, maybe it’s time he tried the carrot instead of the stick.


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