Date: 24th December 2019 at 11:05pm
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Just before the international break, Manchester United triumphed over Brighton 3-1. So, if
coming out from the most recent international break on top was vital for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer,
the way the team entered it was the way to go.

If it wasn’t time to go over the most recent season already, maybe Manchester United’s final
goal in a 3-1 victory over Brighton could mark the beginning of the discussion.
So, while the team, sans manager Solskjaer, has two upcoming weeks of “time off,” it’s a perfect
time to discuss the pertinent highlights from the club’s Premier League play. Markedly, even
though the team went out on a good note, they're continuing to push themselves by training out-
of-country in Dubai with the excellent coaching staff.

Or maybe Man. United’s club members just wanted to play some poker using and get a little sun?
Whatever the case may be, the fact that Solskjaer’s stayed behind on this auxiliary team trip
shows a growing solidarity among the players and recent additions to the coaching staff.
Much less, the team’s decision to act as a whole signifies mutual respect for the football club at
large. Not to mention, it takes the pressure off key actors in the team’s success and shows a
collective accountability taken by the squad.

On a separate note, right before Manchester’s win against Brighton, Martyn Pert’s name was on
the tongue of Machester’s “man-in-charge.” Explicitly, Solskjaer’s pre-victory program notes
spoke highly of the newly appointed Man. United assistant manager.
How is Manchester United doing so far?

All-in-all, Manchester United fielded a fairly uneventful season thus far. Notwithstanding the
humdrum of an uninteresting season, the dark clouds thought to be forming over the club at the
start made way for clear skies with possible rainbows.
At the same time, there is some cause for concern resultant from the latest team injury. Namely,
Scott McTominay’s ankle issues, incurred less than a week ago, show just how important he’s
become to the team’s success. In other words, the midfielder has been a vital element for team
leadership and United’s revival.

Not only did we see Fred and McTominay jiving with each other throughout the season, but they
also developed a dynamic duo in the center of the field. Of course, whether this fresh pair grows
into the perfect pair for Manchester United depends on a variety of factors. Most of all, the
recovery rate of Paul Pogba will mitigate the maturity of Fred andMcTominay’s strengthening
on-field alliance.

Full-back Brandon Williams put forth a noteworthy performance in his debut days of life on the
first team. While Williams commenced his season with an under-21 outing at Rotherham, the
youthful 19-year-old garnered a standing ovation from the crowd at their game against Brighton.
Not to mention, Old Trafford and Chelsea gave Williams a chance to show what he’s worth —
all the while boosting morale with his persistence and passion for the sport.
Does Manchester’s recruitment make the grade?

Making his United debut on Aug. 10 against Chelsea, Dan James is one new-season recruit
who reflects the wisdom of Manchester’s recruitment department. With a whopping 19
entrances for the UK club, it was clear Solskjaer wanted to let No. 21 take a breath. However, it
was not until Man. United’s home game versus Serbia’s Partizan Belgrade that the 22-year-old
was allowed off the field.

James is yet another example of the grit, will, and resolve needed by a player to endure the
early, albeit arduous, years of life in the Premier League. Without a doubt, the recruiters over at
Old Trafford believe this young, exuberant player belongs with the best.
At the end of the day

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s points to the triumph over Brighton as the team’s brightest display of
talent and overall best execution of the entire season.

Meanwhile, Manchester United remains nine points outside of the target area defined by
Solskjaer’s early-on in his management. So, it makes sense that the seventh-seated Red Devils’
best chance of reaching a European tourney next season are cup-related events.
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