The Perfect Solution To All United’s Problems?

Rooney’s often dropped deep as a striker, far too deep for a striker to be perfectly honest, his his excellent and despite his troubled as remained so this season- ten assists in the league alone. Rooney has a tremendous engine and isn’t afraid to get stuck in. So the question is: Why not try in central midfield?

The arguments for are many: We can afford to lose him from the forward line, and Chicharito are more than capable.

We should be able to cope with allowing him at least one game there against one of the so-called lesser teams. Putting Rooney in central midfield possibly in the upcoming home game with , alongside whoever, with Chicharito and Berba upfront does not to me sound too great a risk.

Rooney’s always been capable of spreading out the ball magnificently often from positions that are normally where you’d find any central midfielder.

Rooney’s capable of covering practically every blade of grass for 90+ minutes, so centre midfield would be a great way of getting the most out of his energy.

United could do with another central midfield option. With all the aforementioned midfielders having some form of question marks over them, would giving Rooney a chance there be such a terrible idea?

Of course there are arguments against:

He’s a top class striker who’s just getting his goalscoring form back, This is true but then again Berbatov and Chicharito are also scoring as they have been all season.

He’s never played there before. Well I’d argue that he actually has, sometimes Rooney’s dropped so deep, that he’s practically playing as an attacking midfielder so making it official is hardly a ground breaking tactical gamble.

We don’t need him in midfield. We don’t? Okay I must have been misreading the literally thousands of comments, tweets, posts, shouts at matches, and everything else I’ve been hearing and seeing these past few months. Almost every United fan I know has lamented the lack of top drawer quality in the middle of the . At least on a consistent basis.

Putting Wazza in midfield could be the solution United have been looking for when it comes to the two main worries many Reds have.

Rooney’s inclusion at the expense of the other two main strikers doesn’t always seem that warranted, while using him on the left wing seems practically pointless.

It may be a flawed idea and it could prove to be unworkable but all I’m suggesting is why not try it? I genuinely it could be the trick up Sir Alex’s sleeve that gives United the edge in the final few months.

Am I talking rubbish? Over simplifying the argument? Do we really need to risk Wazza in midfield?  Let me know your thoughts below.

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