Our Team

Justin Mottershead (Editor)

Ever since my dad took me to Old Trafford in the mid-eighties I’ve been United daft- despite the fact it was a drab nil-nil against Southampton. I started this site to give other passionate United fans the opportunity to share their views, thoughts and opinions on anything and everything related to the world’s greatest football club. I am also probably Patrice Evra’s biggest fan.

Vikesh (Co-Editor)

Been a Manchester United fan my whole life. Love every single minute of it.When everyone thinks we’re down and out we always come back! Follow me on twitter @IconicNumber7.

Nathon Woodhead (Co-Editor / Features Writer)

Sales, Marketing and PR Manager based in London. Areas covered are sport, music, entertainment and trade. Follow United home and away. I love you, but I’ve chosen techno. @Nathonw

Hayden Shaw (Writer)

Been a United fan for almost 20 years, was never a gifted footballer but ran my socks off, so I’ve always associated with the unsung heroes at United. Luckily we’ve had players with fantastic character and I hope that tradition never ends so I can keep blogging about it. @elhaydo

William Abbs (Writer)

The 91 Cup Winners’ Cup final was where it all started for me. Watching it on tv as a seven-year-old, I was hooked. Even though I wasn’t lucky enough to be born in Manchester or have United-supporting relatives, the way the team plays – with conviction, without fear – has come to be the doctrine by which I try to approach life. I’m now an English literature graduate based in London attempting to steer a path towards writing professionally who also happens to be studying for a PhD on football fanzines. @WilliamAbbs

Canonjon (Pictures)

I like to describe myself as an Image maker rather than a Photographer, with a specific focus in Portraits and exploring stories through image making. I entered the world of image creation over Seven years ago, working as a Digital Retouch Artist for other Photographers. Not being able to find some Images I needed for my composite work I decided to Photograph and capture them myself. Being a lifelong United fan- I jumped at the chance to use my skills to help promote the other passion in my life. @canonjon

Zayd Jawad (Writer)

20 years old lifelong United fans studying medicine in London 20 Years Old, lifelong United fan studying Medicine in London , enjoying the student life. Love to debate and comment on anything, a lot if which being football related. Interested in all aspects of Manchester United, not just what happens in the pitch!  Enjoy playing all sorts of sports and consider myself a petrol head and hip-hop head. @Zayd90

Sam Hewitt (Writer)

I’m a 2nd year Film and Media student at MMU, been a United fan since 1990, rooting for the underdog when Liverpool beat United 2-1 at Old Trafford. I can’t bear to imagine if the roles had been reversed and United had won. Nah, my Grandad would never let me support the scousers, no chance. You might find me being slightly over critical of United or writing about the future and the youth academy. Let the blogging begin… @sammy__boy

Saad Noor

Born and bred in Wembley, I’m often ridiculed for supporting United and most sneer about me not supporting my local team. But my response is that Wembley doesn’t have a football club, but it does have a stadium and throughout my childhood United were always playing there. So, in a way, United are my local team. I went to my first home game on my 12th birthday in the season opener in 2003 against Bolton which coincidentally was also Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut at the Theatre of Dreams. Since then I’ve been a regular at Old Trafford and as a trainee journalist I thought RFFH would be the best way to vent, share my thoughts and opinions on all things United. Oh, and ‘Red Flag Flying High’ is my favourite United song! @saadnoor

David Yaffe-Bellany

I’ve supported United since elementary school, and I’m interested in sports journalism. I want United to re-sign Dimitar Berbatov, but that’s not going to happen.  . @INFTH

Nashat Hassan

Learnt everything I know about football from watching Paul Scholes. Love the subtle aspect of our game. The Carrick pass, the Berbatov touch and the Rio interception. Don’t follow me on Twitter if you like to hear how great United are all the time: @Nashat_Hassan.