Five Things We Learned From The West Ham Game

4) Fabio Da Silva will be as impressive as his brother with time

All United fans will agree that Rafael Da Silva has had an impressive season, but it was unclear whether or not we would see the same from his brother Fabio, partly due to injury and partly because of Patrice Evra having cemented his place at left back. However, with injuries to the defence and his own recovery from injury, Fabio has had his chance to show what he is made of, and the results have shown promise, particularly in the attack mindedness that he holds in the same capacity as his twin. And today we were given another chance to see him ply his trade, this time down the right hand side. Of late, the United defence has been decimated by injury and suspension, the latest of which was Johnny Evans’ 3 match ban.

With so few options available, United have had to make the most of any recognised defender available, even if it meant having to play out of position. But even so, the young Brazilian made his presence felt, the best example shown when he helped to win the penalty that allowed United to take the lead. Getting past his man out on the right he sprinted into the box, trying to find a nimble way of getting round Upson, before attempting a cross that struck his arm and led to being awarded a rather fortunate penalty.

5) Players are returning just when they are needed most

With the defence looking as bare has it has done in recent weeks, the last thing United need is any more suspensions or serious injuries, and indeed it is fair to say that Nemanja Vidic was lucky to still be on the pitch come the second half, if not for what looked like a professional foul before the interval then for a reckless challenge not long after. Not one of the United captain’s best games.

Besides this, the return of Park, Anderson, Owen and the possibility that Ferdinand may well back in time for the title run-in means that the squad has had a much needed bolstering, particularly with the absence of Fletcher due to a virus and the ever-lasting loss of Hargreaves hampering his plagued United career. With an all important Champions League tie against Chelsea coming up, it was understandable to see Ferguson leave Hernandez, Berbatov and Nani on the bench if he could avoid it.

And with that, another example of the classic attitude of never giving up that Ferguson has instilled in his United side was once show for all to see on Saturday afternoon. It showed that in a game where United were not playing badly to begin with, to fall behind by 2 goals at half time to then come back so positively to win the game is an admirable attribute that may prove pivotal in the title race. The United Faithful will hope that United do not do things the hard way in the coming weeks.

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5 responses to “Five Things We Learned From The West Ham Game”

  1. harrows says:

    Berbatov had a greater impact on the game than Hernandez IMO. His composure in/outside the box was what calmed down everyone else and allowed runners to get in space. This was missing throughout the game, and Berbatov provided. Good goals by Rooney.

    • Zayd Jawad says:

      Berbatov certainly had an impact, but moving Ryan Giggs to left back after Evra was taken off was an extremely effective decision. But definitely the contribution of berbatov was there to see.

  2. izairee says:

    That day ryan giggs was the automatic best left back in the world

  3. John Tring says:

    Dear ZJ, were you watching a different match? So you missed what a diaster Gibson is. Park had hardly a decent kick. Utd’s comeback was indeed laudable but that can’t mask the weaknesses. Midfield is just plain rubbish. Defence is creaking, Ferdinand has reached the end of the road, even Vidic and Evra are making stupid errors. SAF’s failure to buy right ( not Bebe et el) will be costly ( of course if there’s no money, he can’t do much either ). If miraculously Utd win something this season that would be a bonus. Summer rebuilding must be vigorous. And oh, a certain Jose M should be the 1st arrival at OT. Just hard facts and no emotions here. Time and tide waits for none.

    • Zayd says:

      So the defence had a bad day and all of a sudden they need replacing? Knee jerk reactions are not necessary. Secondly, if you look at the facts of the match you’ll see that regardless of your opinion of the midfield (which is admittedly in need of strengthening) you’ll see that United were indeed the better team throughout the game. Yes, changes are needed in the summer, but to question my reasoning on the game based on your own logic of the club needing a massive overhaul is a flawed argument.