Date: 9th April 2011 at 2:20am
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Wayne Rooney golf

Wazza shows he knows a golf club's not just for fighting with

Watching the US Masters as an occasional break from my constant diet of football, it became clear that no matter how much people knock him and all his personal problems you just cannot keep Tiger Woods down.

Woods hasn’t won the tournament by a long stretch but only three shots off the lead has left many of his detractors dumbfounded. The sports biggest star being written off and criticised for personal problems only to put it all behind him and show the world he’s still one of the best.

Sound familiar? The correlation between the recent career or Woods and a certain Scouse Striker cannot be ignored. This got me thinking which other Masters contenders are the most like certain United strikers here’s a brief list which you may or may not agree with.

Tiger Woods/Wayne Rooney

The similarities are obvious. Prodigious talents, that at one point seemed almost freakish in their excellence at such an early age. Won every major honour there is to win and still hungry for more. A fondness for the ladies which has caused a little bit of embarrassment but regardless of the press crucifixion who would bet against this year being another massively successful one?

Phil Mickelson/Michael Owen

One of the most gifted golfers of the modern era and one of the best footballers, yet for all their successes there’s still a small feeling that they haven’t quite achieved what they could have. With four major championship wins and almost 40 event wins, you can hardly call Mickelson’s career anything other than a triumph. Owen on the other hand has won every domestic trophy there is bar the league, has won the UEFA cup and been named European footballer of the year.

Yet for both men, there ‘great’ could have been ‘greatest’ Mickelson at one point looked like the man who was actually going to usurp the all powerful Woods as the world’s best golfer but never quite managed to become the world’s number one, despite some amazing victories. Owen was once the most talked about striker in the world but has never quite reached the success of a Rooney or a Thierry Henry despite his obvious abilities.

Lee Westwood/Dimitar Berbatov

People may have knocked both Westwood and Berbatov over the years and claimed they hadn’t achieved all they could, yet both of them are still proving critics wrong and who’s to say there isn’t more to come this year. Berbatov may have been found wanting at times last year when United needed someone to step into Wayne Rooney’s boots- although almost every Red denies ever saying that now, yet he’s shown this season he’s one of the world’s best.

Westwood may still be searching for that elusive major but how many players out there can say they’ve been world number one? Both are a tad unappreciated

Rory McIlroy/Chicharito

A year or so ago you could be forgiven for not knowing who McIlroy was yet following his successes in 2010 and this year he’s now established as one the world’s top golfers at the age of just 21. Chicharito is the same, having come from seemingly nowhere to now be regarded as one of the most exciting attackers in the world.

Whats the betting that the United striker goes on to become one of the world’s top strikers- he’s on his way already- as for McIlroy, call me optimistic but there’s every chance we could be seeing the dawn of a new era in golf- much may depend on how The Masters pans out to see whether now is truly the Northern Irishman’s time.

Why not have a flutter on The Masters before it’s too late?

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