Date: 10th April 2011 at 8:48pm
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Nani somersault

The real player of the year this season- regardless of what the PFA say

Last week saw the biggest travesty since Sophie Reade rejected my marriage proposal, the biggest oversight since the purchase of Manchester City’s trophy cabinet and the biggest mistake since Wayne Bridge muttered the words “John, this is Vanessa.”

It shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise. All year we have been told how great Samir Nasri is, how good Gareth ‘Best player in the World’ Bale is playing and how Scott Parker is single-handedly trying to keep West Ham in the league.

While others have been getting all the headlines, there is one player who has been setting the league alight. A player who has created more goals than any other player in the Premiership. A player who is playing the best football of his life. That player is of course Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha, Nani to you and me.

In an industry where we are told that results matter. Where managers are sacked because their team don’t win enough games, where players are booed for not scoring enough goals and where a striker with 9 goals this season is sold for £50,000,000 it seems surprising that Nani is not on the list.

So why the oversight you ask? Well, I don’t know.

People say he lacks consistency. This is simply not true. In 27 starts this season he has 9 goals and 16 assists. This means that in almost every game, he is involved in a goal in some way or another (even mastering the pass off the shin technique). Only Carlos Tevez and Dimitar Berbatov come close to matching that.

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People say if he was English, or a little bit tougher, he would be on the list. This is not true. Samir Nasri and Carlos Tevez are neither English or tough and are on the list.

People say if he found a cure for cancer he would still be hated by most. This is probably true.

It would seem that this year doing well for a big club is a hindrance. If Nani was playing for a smaller club he would probably be on the list. This is why it will probably be a three-way battle between Scott Parker, Charlie Adam and Carlos Tevez.

Nani has had to put up with a lot this season. The GBH by Carragher at Anfield, the verbal GBH by Oliver Holt in The Mirror and GBH of the senses with sharing a dressing room with Anderson. This along with him ‘snubbing the snood’ means he deserves to be Player of the Year.

Nani has outscored most on the PFA Player of the year short-list, set up more goals than anyone on the list and would walk into any team in the Premiership. Despite all this he is not even favourite for PFA Young Player of the Year.

So Nani, keep up the good work. Keep scoring and bring back the somersaults. You’re our player of the year.

(P.S. My Mum says you can come round for your tea any time you want.)



19 responses to “Nani, I Promise It’s Not A ‘Bromance’”

  1. Redhead says:

    ‘f Nani was playing for a smaller club he would probably be on the list. This is why it will probably be a three-way battle between Scott Parker, Charlie Adam and Carlos Tevez.’

  2. Red Flag Flying High!! says:

    I fully agree that Nani should be on the list but as mentioned before, this award is voted for by the players. Nani is simply not liked by his opposing peers.

    Maybe its because he has almost outscoured them all, maybe they are envious of assists tally, I personally think its down to his attitude. I am a united fan and for us his attitude is fantastic bar the silly dives and play acting. If he hadnt done any of that this season I do believe they would vote for him.

    All I say is don’t change your playing style and although you have improved massively with your diving, improve further next season and no-one can deny you the accolades you deserve!!!

  3. Joshua Axe says:

    great article, but still have to say he lacks the consistency

    • rob b says:

      Anyone who says nani still lacks consistency is frankly delusional & has no idea about this sport

      Nani is by far the Footballer of The Year this season, and that’s from a Utd fan that would’ve binned him 2 years previous. His consistency has been astonishing, and I’ve lost count of the number of games I’ve come away from where I’ve muttered “We wouldn’t have won today without Nani” The PFA nominees are all those who have a ‘work ethic’..except Van Der Vaart (who probably was the best player up til Xmas) ..its what fellow pros appreciate. I don’t think nani is disliked by other more so than Ron was. I don’t think he excessively rolls around on the floor more than your common Southern European footballer either.

      I’m delighted nani has come good. He deserved that fat new contract, and let’s hope Madrid never come calling.

      • james says:

        I don’t think you understand the meaning of the word consistency. Listing his total statistics for the year is not an indicator of consistency, that would be his ability to perform week in, week out.

        the only thing nani does week in, week out is go down more easily than one of waynes hookers 🙂

  4. Dave says:

    I think its a shame he wasn’t nominated. Bale had a great start the first 15 games maybe. done very little since. i tink it’ll be between vidic and tevez