Date: 17th April 2011 at 6:19pm
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Rio Ferdinand Mario Balotelli fight

The most likeable striker in football runs off from Rio

That lovable chap Mario Balotelli did his best to enhance his glowing reputation at Saturday’s FA Cup semi final.

The former Inter striker kissed his badge in front of the United fans while brushing past Anderson, a move that incensed Rio Ferdinand who went after Balotelli.

The City striker was having none of it and walked off before David Platt and Roberto Mancini involved. No doubt Rio will get a ban from the FA.

Mario Balotelli vs Rio Ferdinand – FA Cup Semi -… by UploaderKingHD


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21 responses to “[Video] Rio Ferdinand And Mario Balotelli Fight”

  1. bluedog says:

    you sad old reds just dont like it up you ,but i suppose its ok when you lot do it eh neville , rooney ,cantona the list goes on ,take defeat geracefully and stay behind after the whistle i though a bomb had gone off you lot were out off there that quick , poor

    • Carlo Sartori says:

      A bomb must have gone off at Wastelands for the Europa League games as well as the FA Cup games against Notts County and Villa – 20,000 empty seats at £5 each

  2. ming the merciless says:

    ha ha ferdinands reaction just made the day even sweeter!
    loved watchin the utd players crying like babies!
    hope fergie’s got lots of paper tissues cos there’s gonna be a lot of crying from their players and fans as city dominate football very soon………….
    oh and the wink was pure genius!!!!ha ha

  3. tim villa says:

    Im a Villa fan and pretty much hate United and City equally. Therefore have no need to show any bias in this topic… Rio was throwing a fanny attack over nothing because he is a bad loser..Mario is obviously an easy target and Rio would seriously need to take a look at him..I actually cringed when I was watching…some clown. The whole Utd team is full of scum tho. Fair play to em for all they have won but what a bunch of tossers…vidic, rio, evra, nani, rooney, owen…all dickheads!

  4. jack says:

    Why are they dickheads? Because they consistently get the better of you is the only possible reason? You sound like a bitter.

  5. Zed says:

    But u have got to give it to city der in the FA Cup final 😀 i mean yeah i never thot i’d live to c this day ….. FA Cup the pride n glory of english football …. oh wait that’s the Premiere league 😛 come n rant hea wen u win something substantial in like another 38 years !!!!

  6. MickyFitz says:

    Not sure who Super Mario is alleged to have kissed his badge (fnarr, fnarr) in front of, because by about 3 seconds after the final whistle the United end was almost completely empty.

    Ferdinand is a hypocrite; why is it OK to do a Gary Neville after scoring a goal, but the rules change all of a sudden at the end of the game? Glass houses, Rio, glass houses.

    Poor form to see several United players chasing after Mario for such an extended period of time after the final whistle. And it seemed as if the more Mario tried to ignore it, the worse Ferdinand got. Throw in Scholes’ challenge and it does start to look like a case of the bad loser blues.

  7. Zed says:

    I can understand the frustration …. i mean City r in the finals n yet every1 is talkin about the post match bust up …. do u see wat m tryin to say …. nobody gives a Sh*t bout city being in final … and oh let me remind u …. STOKE won der last match 5-0 that’s somethin to think about eh 😉

    • MickyFitz says:

      “…do u see wat m tryin to say…”

      No, I don’t see what you are trying to say. I literally don’t know what point you are attempting to make. I can guess at best.

      My guess is you are a red attempting to salvage some kind of moral victory from a day when you were very well beaten by a side you probably hate and regularly attempt to belittle. If that is what you were doing, by all means, have at it, Zed. I’ll take a comprehensive victory, a resounding derby day triumph and a place in the FA Cup final, and you can take…umm…erm…sorry, remind me again, what exactly can you take from Saturday’s game?

      • Zed says:

        You are absolutely on the money about the being the red part. City deserved the win … m not gonna take that away from them 🙂 in fact they were the better team …. n wat i was tryin to do was put my point of view like most ppl hea …. its a reds forum i will say watever i want … if it hurts u so bad stay away bro 🙂 … i’ll still say city loose the final …. if they win ur most welcome to come n rub it my face 😉