Date:14th August 2011 at 7:59pm
Written by:
David De Gea

"It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C...."

I’d like to pretend the above comment was an isolated one from a disgruntled fan following the Spanish keeper’s poor showing against West Brom but unfortunately it wasn’t.

The wonderful interweb was awash with silly dramatic statements calling for a 20 year-old making his Premier League debut to be ‘dropped’ ‘sold’ or even ‘released’ by so-called Reds who know more about footballers than Sir Alex Ferguson.

Don’t get me wrong I was as disappointed as any United fan at the ease with which Shane Long scored West Brom’s equaliser and felt De Gea seemed to look a severe liablity for most of the game, but it’s time -as so often is the case after a United game- for a bit of rational perspective.

De Gea made a mistake for the goal and was extremely indecisive at times but that doesnt mean the most sought after young ‘keeper in world football is suddenly bereft of ability. Keepers make mistakes, and it seems some people can’t help but try and appear witty and knowledgable by spouting drivel such as “he’s another Taibi” without realising they appear niether witty or knowledgable merely ungrateful and unoriginal.

I said in an article on this very site when we signed De Gea that the fans may have to exercise a little patience with him and we could well prove why we are the best in the world by not getting on his case if he does take time to adjust.

Although I wasn’t at the Hawthorns friends that were there tell me the travelling United contigent didn’t give the Spaniard any more reason to feel anxious than he already had. There was no booing or chants of “Edwin Van Der Sar” and rightly so.

The next test comes against Spurs at Old Trafford a week on Monday where we’ll see not only if De Gea’s nerves have settled somewhat but how 70 odd thousand United fans treat him should he show signs that he’s still struggling to adapt to life at the biggest club in the world.

I was at the Southampton game when Massimo Taibi allowed Matt Le Tissier’s daisy cutter through his legs and you knew immediately his United career was over. Taibi wasn’t a 20 year-old £20 million signing that had been touted as the best young goalkeeper on the planet.

De Gea’s not had the best start to his United career but I fully expect him to be at Old Trafford for many years to come, winning lots of trophies and keeping many clean sheets. Let’s not forget, the likes of Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidic had United debuts to forget.

Given time De Gea will no doubt show why Sir Alex forked out such a large amount for a young player who had no experience of the Premiership. It may be difficult for some of us to stomach and I’m sure there’ll be times when we feel like screaming at the poor lad, but in the words of the great Gary Barlow “we need a little patience.”

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